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ITA M: Magnificent volleyball show in PalaOlimpia! Perugia defeated Verona and advanced to semis!

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This was just spectacular! Verona and Perugia played one of the best games in the entire season! At the end, Perugia triumphed and advanced to the Serie A semifinals!

Verona vs. Perugia

Verona vs. Perugia

It is difficult to describe everything that happened in PalaOlimpia this Wednesday evening. This was one of those games that you MUST WATCH! A two-and-a-half volleyball battle between world-class teams. It is indeed pity that one of them had to lose.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Perugia won the opening two sets and got just a step away from winning the Game 5 of this incredible quarterfinal series. However, Verona stormed through the third set and reduced the margin to 1-2. Then, the home team performed just a stunning comeback.

It was 19:14 for Perugia in the fourth set and everything looked like the visitors will close the match. But, Verona scored 5 points in a row and tied the score at 19:19!!! Two sides remained all tied until 21:21 when Verona scored two points in a row and escaped to 23:21! The hosts did not missed this big opportunity – 25:23. The overall result was 2-2 in wins, 2-2 in sets!

With enormous psychological boost that they gained by winning the fourth set, Verona had a flying start of the tie-break – 7:4! However, the things were just getting interested in PalaOlimpia. Perugia tied the score at 7:7, Verona escaped to 10:8, Perugia equalized at 11:11!

The hosts reached the first match point – 14:13, but the visitors answered – 14:14. Verona had one more match point – 15:14, but Emanuele Birarelli tied the score with a great spike – 15:15. Then, it was time for Perugia to seize the lead.

Taylor Sander made a bad reception, while Birarelli punished that immediately with a strong spike at the net – 15:16! Match point for Perugia!

The away crew made another good service, which brough them a counter-attack. Aleksandar Atanasijević made a spike… Verona managed to keep the ball above the floor somehow. However,  the hosts could not organize a good attacking play, so Taylor Sander had to spike from a very difficult position against a triple block… Aleksandar Atanasijević was the one who blocked the American – 15:17! 2-3!

Perugia have advanced to the Semi-Finals where they will face Lube! 


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 10. 03. 2016 20:30 Calzedonia VERONA vs Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA 2:3 26:24; 25:20; 17:25; 21:25; 10:15 STAT VIDEO
2nd game 13. 03. 2016 18:00 Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA vs Calzedonia VERONA 3:0 25:17; 25:23; 25:20 STAT VIDEO
3rd game 23. 03. 2016 20:30 Calzedonia VERONA vs Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA 3:2 23:25; 25:22; 25:20; 20:25; 15:11 STAT VIDEO
4th game 27. 03. 2016 17:00 Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA vs Calzedonia VERONA 2:3 25:17; 25:27; 24:26; 25:18; 12:15 STAT VIDEO
5th game

06. 04. 2016. 20:30

Calzedonia VERONA vs Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA 2:3  20:25, 24:26, 25:18, 25:23, 15:17     


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dee jae69 April 7, 2016 - 2:44 am

i think verona is just burnt out cause of challenge cup, but at least they won a european title. this rival of perugia and verona will be a good thing for next season. lube vs perugia, i will go for lube but for modena vs trentino thats 50-50


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