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LIVE from F4 W: Fenerbahce have taken the bronze!

by WoV
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It is not shiny as the gold, but it is a small comfort for Fenerbahce Grundig. The Yellow Angels defeated Dinamo Kazan in the 3rd place match and finished their 2016 Women’s CEV Champions League campaign with the bronze medal.



It was definitely very difficult for both sides to recover from straight sets defeats in the semifinals, but they showed a great desire to finish this final tournament with a win. Dinamo Kazan had a better opening as they seized the 1st set, however then Fenerbahce Grundig showed their full power.

The Turkish side stormed through the 2nd set and gained huge amount of confidence, which they used in the rest of the game. Fenerbahce Grundig won the 3rd and the 4th set as well and closed the game with a 3-1 win. Kim Yeon-Koung was the most efficient player in ‘Fener’ with 18 points. Olesya Nikolaeva collected 16 in Dinamo.

It is important to mention that Dinamo Kazan were once again without their two star players – Ekaterina Gamova and Evgenia Startseva. 

Read the full game coverage:

17:25, It’s over! The bronze belongs to Fenerbahce Grundig!

15:22, ACE! Again Eda Erdem!

15:21, ACE! Eda Erdem! Fenerbahce are 4 points away from taking the bronze!

15:19, Two points for each side. 

13:17, Kazan make their last attempt to stay in this game. 

10:16, Turkish side has +6 at the nnd TTO. 

10:15, Kim makes HUGE block! 

10:13, The margin remains the same, time-out Kazan.

8:11, It is still +3 for Fenerbahce. 

3:6, Another block! Fenerbahce are taking over the control over this set…

3:5, Spike, ace, block! Fenerbahce scored 3 points in a row!

3:2, ACE! Del Core! 


18:25, Kim Yeon-Koung finishes the 3rd set with a block-out point! Fenerbahce now lead 2-1 against Dinamo Kazan. 

15:22, Amazing defense by Fenerbahce brings them +7! 

14:19, ACE! Eda Erdem! Dinamo Kazan are forced to call for a time-out. 

12:16, Kim with wonderful kill, Fener have +4 at the second TTO.

12:15, Polen Uslupehlivan scores! 

11:12, Nikolaeva makes great spike!

10:12, Mistake by Kim, Kazan reduced the margin a bit. 

8:12, ACE! Lucia Bosetti! The Turkish side have +4. 

5:8, Fenerbahce have +3 at the first TTO.

1:4, Bomb from Kim Yeou Koung

1:2, Clever move by Polen for another lead of Fenerbahce


10:25, Yellow Angels dominatd the 2nd set and tied the overall score at 1-1!

6:10, What a spike by Kim! it’s +4 for Fener now, time-out Kazan.

6:8, Babat scores and brings +2 to Fenerbahce. 

3:3, Still tied in the 2nd set. 


25:20, Good challenge call by Kazan! The 1st set goes to the Russian team! 

24:20, Del Core – block out! Dinamo have 4 set points.

23:20, Kim scores, Fener are still allive in the 1st set.

22:18, One point for each side.

21:17, Turkish team scores 2 consecutive points, time-out Kazan

21:15, Kim steps on the 3rd meter line, Kazan crew are very close of taking the 1st set. 

20:15, Del Core blocks Kim! Time-out Fenerbahce.

19:15, Dinamo increase the margin to +4!

18:15, Russian team keep the lead, time-out Fenerbahce.

16:13, Kazan take +3 at the 2nd TTO.

13:11, Isaeva with great spike and Kazan are at +2!

9:9, All tied…

7:7, Three in a row for Kazan!

4:7, Fenerbahce turned the things in their advantage! It’s +3 for the Turish side.

1-0, It has started! The battle for the bronze! Dinamo take the 1st point!



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Stor April 10, 2016 - 6:33 pm

Embarrassing performance by Dinamo.


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