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SER W: Brankica Mihajlovic with European champions

by WoV
author: Sinisa Stojmenovic

Good news made everybody happy in the national team, despite the earlier return home. Namely, Brankica Mihajlovic got the permission from the European and World Volleyball Federation to wear the jersey of the Serbian national team.



The volleyball player from Brcko, a few years ago played in the junior competition for the team of Bosnia and Hezegovina. Then she announced that she wants to play for the “blue”. The request  has been sent, the pause expired and if everything will be all right, she will start the preparation on Monday. “Mihajlovic is a receiver with outstanding qualities in attack. We need that kind of player and I think that she will get used to the team,” said Zoran Terzic. This 21-year-old girl successfully played for Volero for three years and also this season in Korea for the finalist of the play off from Seoul.

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