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AMAZING STORY – Doctor and middle blocker of Ostrava!

by WoV
source: sport.idnes.cz

We have a really incredible story from Czech Republic again!

Polášková (left), Iva (right)

Polášková (left), Iva (right)

Before the start of the match between Ostrava and Olymp Prague, one of the players of home team Petra Polášková got injured and she needed a doctor. What do you think, who has helped her?

The answer is – her teammate! Sounds pretty much incredible?

The middle blocker of Ostrava Iva Nachmilnerová has primary profession – neuroscientist. So, probably when she finishes her career she will continue doing her job in some hospital or even in some volleyball team…

I think her injury is not serious but I’m afraid that she damaged meniscus which she had already operated. Probably some orthopedists will laugh at me, but ligaments looked fine

But, what is your profession, volleyball or?

“I’m neuroscientist.  It is a bit out of the knee, but I learned it on my college. ..”

Maybe your team needs to break this losing streak of four matches rather than have a neuroscientist?

Maybe we need a psychologist or even a psychiatris” – laughed Iva and added – “The most important thing is to warm up for playoffs.

Did you miss injured Petra Polášková?

Our team is formed to not depend of one player. We are sorry for her injury but we can’t make excuses anymore… We are professionals and we need to give our best on every match” said Nachmilnerová.

Recall that a few weeks ago 49-year old head coach had to play for his team!

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Stanislas February 25, 2015 - 11:52 am

Haha 😀 She helped her teammate and made diagnose, that’s ok, but how? She is not orthopedist! 😀


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