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WL: Australia survives in Group 1, Russia out!

by WoV
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The uncertainty in Pool A culminated in the last match of a Preliminary Round. Australia had to beat Serbia to stay in Group 1 and it did it, after tie-break – 3-2 (25-22, 22-25, 13-25, 25-21, 15-12)! Thus, believe it or not, Russia will play in Group 2 next season since it has only one win. "Aussies" collected two.

Australia - Serbia

Australia – Serbia

It didn’t seem that Serbia will lost first set as it had comfortable 4-8 lead. Edgar pulled his teammates forward to an equalizer at 12-12. With some tensions on the court (each side got a yellow card) in the finish and Sanderson’s one-man show, Australians made a turnaround and took Set 1 (25-22).

In the second set, it was the same story as for Serbian lead, but with a different outcome. The visitors had 4-7 thanks to Starović’s good performance. Still, Edgar knew it wasn’t over and leveled at 13-13 with two consecutive aces. It was a point by point play until 19-19 when Starović’s powerful serve gave Serbia 19-21. Edgar’s spike was blocked for one set each (22-25).

Serbian early lead in third set marked the rest of the period. After 1-4 and 5-10 there was no return for the hosts. It all culminated with a red card for Australian head coach Santilli who was nervous due to a poor play of his proteges and argued with the referees. After Lisinac’s huge spike it was, for “Aussies”, an embarassing 8-19. Final score of 13-25 speaks for itself.

Another good start from the Serbs – this time in the 4th set (5-7). Probably the key moment of this period happened afterwards as Australia took three points in a row (8-7). The local duo Sanderson Edgar supported by Mote kept “Aussies” up front while the third player who was just mentioned has sealed Serbian destiny in this set at 18-15 and finally, at 25-22.

Guess what? Serbia again had a solid start. In the tie-break, it had 1-3. A nervous Australian players gave the visitors 4-6. Edgar had a heart of a warrior while spiked for 10-9. Starović’s attempt went wide and a double block awarded “Aussies” with 13-10. It wasn’t over as hosts made an error in the field 13-12. A huge block by Guymer (15-12) set a joy for the fans in Melbourne!


FIVB Intercontinental Round / Pool A /

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
21th game 02. 07. 2015 13:45 Brazil VS Italy 3:0 25:20; 26:24; 25:19   VIDEO
22th game 03. 07. 2015 13:45 Brazil VS Italy 2:3 25:21; 27:29; 25:21; 19:25; 19:21    
23th game 04. 07. 2015 19:00 Australia VS Serbia 1:3 22:25; 21:25; 31:29; 18:25    
24th game 05. 07. 2015 16:30 Australia VS Serbia 3:1 25:22; 22:25; 13:25; 25:21; 15:12    


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