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WoV in Manila – LIVE BLOG: Zhu Ting first ever player to enter 100+ club!

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

In this article you will be able to follow the latest updates about the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016. We will try to bring you plenty of interesting material from Manila, including photos, videos, live play by play action and many more things…

SM Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia


Sunday, 23.10.2016:

Watch the Grand Finale of the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship HERE.

11:30 CET – Bangkok Glass scored their 1st ever win at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship by beating PSL-F2 Logistics Manila in the 7th place match – 3:0 (25:16, 25:23, 25:20).


09:35 CET – Zhu Ting first ever player to enter 100+ club!

VakifBank star Zhu Ting has set the new record at the FIVB Club World Championship! She scored a total number of 103 points for the whole tournament and beat the previous record of Olesia Rykhliuk, who made 93 at the 2015 edition.

Also, Zhu Ting is the first player who went over 100 points at the FIVB Club World Championship!


09:00 CET- The bronze goes to VakifBank!

07:00 CET – Rexona Sesc win the 5th place at the FIVB Women’s Club Championship after beating Hisamitsu Springs by 3:2 (20:25, 25:22, 25:15, 30:32, 15:7).

Satuday, 22.10.2016:

17:50 CET – Press conference after the match Volero Zurich – Pomi Casalmaggiore:

Giovanni Caprara, Pomi Casalmaggiore coach: “This is the best match of this tournament. We played with more stability than usual and I’m completely satisfied. I hope tomorrow we’ll play at this level. For me this tournament level is higher than last year. Turkish clubs are very, very strong.”

On facing Eczacibasi, his former club:

“This is our life as a coach. I coached Eczacibasi last year and now I am with Pomi. I just want to say that I am proud to coach an Italian club for the first time.”

Zoran Terzic, Volero Zurich coach: “They deserved to win today, no doubt about it. They played with much more courage than we have in service and attack. They played well defensively and they definitely deserved to win.”

“The team has a big problem with this kind of situations. We played very well until today. But every time Volero play this kind of game you may be in or out, and when we do not play so well, we have this problem. We need to work on volleyball and also to be better for the next competition.”

16:30 CET – Pomi Casalmaggiore will play in the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship Finals!

12:00 CET – Hisamitsu Springs down PSL-F2 Logistics in straight sets – 3:0 (25:15, 25:18, 25:21). It means that Hisamitsu Springs will play vs. Rexona Sesc in the 5th place match, while PSL-F2 Logistics Manila will face Bangkok Glass in the 7th place match. Both games are scheduled for Sunday, 

10:20 CET – Press conference after the match Eczacibasi VitrA – VakifBank:

Massimo Barbolini, Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul coach:

“It was a wonderful match. I’m very happy that we won, thanks to defence. We have unbelievable plays in attacks, but if we want to win against unbelievable teams like VakifBank, you have to play good defence. Attacks and blocks are not enough. Everyday we have to improve our level (of play), but for sure tomorrow in the finals, we’ll do something better.”

On pressure of being a champion team:

“I don’t believe in what happened in the past. Every season is a new season. Being in the finals is a great result but it’s not enough. One ball can change every thing, I don’t know what can happen. We have to do little things on a tactical point of view. We’ll be watching the opponents closely.”

Giovanni Guidetti, VakifBank Istanbul coach:

“I think it was a great match. They did everything a little better than us, they’re very strong. They have a lot more than us, but we are only at the beginning of the season. I hope in three to four months, our gap in level will be much smaller.”

09:00 CET – Eczacibasi VitrA win Turkish derby and advance to Finals!

07:40 CET – Rykhliuk and Zhu looking to beak an all-time record at FIVB Women’s Club World Championship.

The race for top scorer is on at the 2016 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines capital, after Olesia Rykhliuk of Volero Zurich and Zhu Ting of VakifBank Istanbul took a wide lead at the end of pool play. 

Rykhliuk, top scorer of last year’s edition in Zurich, has scored 69 points in three matches so far in Manila. The 28-year-old Ukranian has 55 kills, 9 blocks and 5 aces.

Zhu, who was top scorer in the 2013 Club World Championship while playing for Guandong Evergrande Guangzhou, follows close behind in the best scorers table with 67 points.

Club World Championship top scorers:

2010 – Doha: Katarzyna Skowronska (POL), Fenerbahce Istanbul, 67 points

2011 – Doha: Natasa Osmokrovic (CRO), Rabita Baku, 70 points

2012 – Doha: Sheila Castro (BRA), Sollys Nestle Osasco, 57 points

2013 – Zurich: Zhu Ting (CHN), Guangdong Evergrande Guangzhou, 80 points

2014 – Zurich: Ekaterina Gamova (RUS), Dinamo Kazan, 85 points

2015 – Zurich: Olesia Rykhliuk (UKR), Volero Zurich, 93 points

05:30 CET – Rexona Sesc will play in the 5th place match as they downed Bangkok Glass in straight sets – 3:0 (25:19, 25:15, 25:20).

Friday, 21.10.2016:

21:46 CET – All semifinal pairs are determined and here they are (October 22):

Eczacibasi – VakifBank (07:00 CET)

Volero – Casalmaggiore (13:30 CET) 

17:00 CET – The press conference after the match between PSl-F2 Logistics and Eczacibasi VitrA.

Branislav Moro, PSL-F2 Logistics Manila coach:

“Normally, we know where the PSL team stands in this tournament, but this is very important moment for Philippine volleyball. This is the first time the Philippine team won a set in a big competition against a foreign team. And this was a very big important set, this set will go down in the history of Philippine volleyball.”

“My players are very happy, especially when all Filipino players came in. I prepared All-Filipino players before the start of the match because for me, I’m interested in promoting the Filipino players, and that’s important that they played against one big club, and against another for tomorrow. This is a very important experience for Philippine players, and I guarantee you after this competition, Filipino players will be better in the Asian level. This is a win for Philippine volleyball, and I guarantee you after this tournament the level of Philippine volleyball will go up 30 to 40 per cent, this is very big.”

Massimo Barbolini, Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul coach:

“They played for two hours. That was very good volleyball for two hours! They gave us many problems because they had good defence. They improved during this tournament. We have to think about our match tomorrow because it is a very important match. We need to prepare very well and we need to play better as possible and use this chance we have. “

On why not all players were given the chance to play:

“It was important for us to start the rhythm for this competition, and I need to preserve them, so they are ready for tomorrow and after tomorrow. Their defense (PSL) was really good and their service, and these were the skills that created more problems today. In the second set, the local players did their job. There is a big difference from a physical point of view, but technically they did good. I think the key in this difficult match is to do the easy things as better as possible, like simple blocking.”

On their next match against VakifBank Istanbul:

“We are two teams that know each other very well. But overall for us, because we are a new team, we are starting to know each other, and it’s a good test tomorrow.”

15:50 CET – Neslihan and Gozde set new record in ace points

Neslihan Demir and Gozde Yilmaz of Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul smashed the competition record of most aces in a game, when they served five aces each against hosts PSL – F2 Logistics Manila in the closing match of pool play at the 2016 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship.

The previous all-time record since the introduction of the rally scoring system was 4 aces in a single game, set ten times in the history of the competition – including twice here in Manila by Dobriana Rabadzhieva of Volero Zurich and Zhu Ting of VakifBank Istanbul in the same match.

15:00 CET – Eczacibasi score 3 points, but the real winners are PSL-F2!

13:45 CET – It’s that famous Thai defense that stayed strong despite the attacks of one of the best teams in the world…

13:15 CET – Giovanni Guidetti, VakifBank Istanbul coach is excited about the semifinals clash vs. Eczacibasi VitrA.

“It will be an amazing game tomorrow, because Eczacibasi are a very phenomenal team. But I think VakifBank are a very strong team as well in high level of volleyball. It’s all about details”

12:00 CET – VakifBank left no chance to Bangkok Glass

03:50 CET – Take a look at today’s schedule of FIVB Women’s Club World Championship:

VakifBank – Bangkok Glass (10:00 CET, 16:00 Local Time)

PSL-F2 Logistics Manila – Eczacibasi VitrA (13:00 CET – 19 Local Time)

Thursday, 20.10.2016:

Watch all games LIVE on WorldofVolley

17:32 CET – See what the actors of the last match of the day, Valentina Tirozzi and Alyja Daphne Santiago said, after win of Pomi Casalmaggiore over the hosts PSL-F2 Logistics.

Valentina Tirozzi, Pomi Casalmaggiore captain: “I’m very happy with the result of the match today because it was a very important match for us to go to the semifinals. It was a beautiful match to play against the home team with all these people cheering, even if they were against us.I think we started making too many mistakes and confusion in the court for the third set so we decided to think about it and put order in the court and made less mistakes and just let the other team play for us to adjust.”

Alyja Daphne Santiago, PSL-F2 Logistics Manila player: “Pomi Casalmaggiore is such a great team. We are happy that we showed our best and we fought hard especially in the third set. We are still adjusting, but we practiced our set plays so that we can have good connection, and I am pleased that the team had a good performance in this match. I am just overwhelmed that I am able to overcome their tall blockers and I am glad that I can help my team-mates.” 

14:10 CET – This is what Zoran Terzić and Giovanni Guidetti said after a thrilling clash of Volero Zurich and VakifBank Istanbul.

Zoran Terzic, Volero Zurich coach: “It was a very interesting game and with good quality. It’s very important for Volero and the players that they can win against a team like Vakifbank, because they are one of the strongest teams in the world. Before the tie-break set, we spoke about attitude in the court first of all. We need to play with a lot of courage if we want to win.”

Giovanni Guidetti, Vakifbank Istanbul coach: “They played a great match. They’re strong and they have a lot of players that can really change the game every time they do substitution. I congratulate my players for the good fight and (Volero) Zurich for good volleyball. We will fight every time and we will not give up. We are known for being a team that never gives up.”

13:37 CET – 31! That is how many points Zhu Ting scored at the match between VakifBank and Volero Zurich and that is the new best single-game score of the 2016 edition of FIVB Women’s Club World Championship. Interesting enough, at the same match Olesia Rykhliuk made 30 points, so they both beat the previous record of Gabriela Braga Guimaraes of 29 points. 

The full list of ‘Over 30s’:

34 – Ekaterina Gamova (Dinamo Kazan), Zurich 2014

31 – Zhu Ting (VakifBank Istanbul), Manila 2016

30 – Tatiana Kosheleva (Dinamo Krasnodar), Zurich 2015

30 – Olesia Rykhliuk (Volero Zurich), Manila 2016

13:00 CET – Volero down VakifBank and clinch the 1st place in Group B!

12:20 CET – Tatiana Kosheleva, Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul player reveals the secret of success of her team.

“Rexona are a strong team, but I’m happy that my team today won. We won because we played together. As we play together, I think step by step, everyday we’ll get better and better. Rexona have good blockers and good defence.”

12:15 CET – Bernardo Rezende, Rexona-Sesc Rio coach stated after the match against Eczacibasi VitrA that he is frustrated because of the final outcome:

“They (Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul) are a strong team. This is our fourth match of the season, and we still have a rhythm to play and we are trying to find out the best system that we can do. I’m frustrated because we could have done something better. We had wrong choices, their team has potential but we never lose when we learn something. I’m frustrated because we can’t go to the semifinals, but it is what it is and this is an opportunity when we come back next year and do better.”

10:20 CET – Eczacibasi beat Rexona and qualify for semifinals!

06:32 CET – Kumi Nakada, Hisamitsu Springs coach: “Every team is very high-skilled, so it was very difficult to win here. Some of my national team members have the experience playing against foreign teams, but the other players haven’t. So it was difficult. I wanted to give experience to the younger players but we couldn’t, but it’s fine.”

05:55 CET – Gabriela Braga Guimaraes scored the most points in a single game at FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016. In the clash between Rexona Sesc and Pomi Casalmaggiore, Brazilian star made 29 points.

05:00 CET – Hisamitsu Springs beat Bangkok Glass in Asian derby

02:45 CET – Good morning volleyball fans. Take a look at the schedule for Day 3 at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016:

Bangkok Glass – Hisamitsu Springs (04:00 CET; 10:00 Local Time)

Rexona Sesc – Eczacibasi VitrA (07:00 CET; 13:00 Local Time)

Volero Zurich – VakifBank Istanbul (10:30 CET; 16:30 Local Time)

PSL-F2 Logistics Manila – Pomi Casalmaggiore (13:30 CET; 19:30 Local Time)

Wednesday, 19.10.2016:

16:15 CET – Pomi beat Rexona and stay in the race for the semifinals.

15:15 CET – Zoran Terzic, Volero Zurich coach: “First of all, I would like to congratulate my team because I didn’t expect it will be so easy. The team of Japan have a lot of players from the national team and I really expected one very tough and difficult game today but we really played well especially in blocking, defense and counter-attacks with (Natalya) Mammadova. Now we’re on 2-0 run, I am happy and satisfied and now we wait for another opponent.

13:08 CET – Olesia Rykhliuk is enjoying her time in Manila so far. Volero player is averaging 19,5 points per match at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016.  

12:17 CET – Volero Zurich star Foluke Akinradewo was pleased with the way her team played against Hisamitsu Springs:

“I am really happy with our team and how we came up today. Playing with Japanese team is always difficult. They are playing top offense and they are really relentless, but we stayed focused and played a good match.”

American middle blocker said for WoV that there is not team from the other group that she would like to avoid in the semis.  

“No, I am actually always up for a challenge. I do think it matters who are we going to play against. What really matters is to play our volleyball.” 

12:00 CET – Purple domination – Volero ran over Hisamitsu Springs and advance to semis.

10:12 CET – Did you know that no one has managed to take 2 trophies at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship so far. There were 9 editions of this competition and 9 different champions!

01:15 CET – Unbelievable! We have the new record in block points per single match… AGAIN!

That blocking record of Tuesday morning made by China’s Olympic champion Zhu Ting with 9 stuffs for VakifBank Istanbul at the 2016 FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Championship didn’t stand for long.

Ana Carolina da Silva, better known as Carol, of Rexona Sesc Rio de Janeiro registered 10 blocks against hosts PSL – F2 Logistics Manila in the closing match of the opening day for a new competition best.



00:57 CET – Take a look at today’s schedule at FIVB Women’s Club World Championship:

Volero Zurich – Hisamitsu Springs (10:30 CET; 16:30 Local Time)

Pomi Casalmaggiore – Rexona Sesc (13:30 CET; 19:30 Local Time)

Tuesday, 18.10.2016:

16:10 CET – Rexona Sesc player Anne Buijs stated for WorldofVolley that she was very positively surprised with the performance of PSL-F2 Logistics Manila.

“We did not know the Philippine team at all. We did not have any video, we did not the players, so we wanted to stay sharp to keep the low number of errors. And I think we did that. We were struggling only in the beginning of the 3rd set when our concentration went down, while they started playing their game. The fans started screaming for them which was nice, but we managed to get out of that situation and I am happy we won the match.”

15:11 CET – Brave PSL – F2 logistics Manila players did their best but it was not enough to take at least one set – Brazilian giants Rexona got 3-0 win.

13:37 CET – Really incredible atmopshere here at the Mall of Asia. Home fans are the 7th player of PSL-F2 Logistics in the clash vs. Rexona Sesc. 

13:00 CET – Two Italian coaches shared their impressions after the match between Eczacibasi VitrA and Pomi Casalmaggiore.

Massimo Barbolini, Eczacibasi Vitra Istanbul coach:  “It was not an easy game but we played a good match. We did a good job on block and defence because we have very good spikers. Winning this was only the first step. Now, we have one victory and three points, but we now have more confidence in what we do. It’s only the beginning and we started against the champions of Europe, so it’s not so easy. We have to improve because we can play better in the next matches for sure.”

Giovanni Caprara, Pomi Casalmaggiore coach: “It was an incredible match but the team was not able to jell today because we made a lot of mistakes, a lot of foul balls. We have two more matches to improve in this tournament. I think the problem was not the pressure, and tomorrow we’ll play better for sure.”

12:15 CET – Tijana Bošković had more points than the top 3 scorers of Pomi Casalmaggiore combined!

Eczacibasi VitrA young star Tijana Bošković made 18 points against Pomi Casalmaggiore, and she was the top scorer of this match. At the same time, the top 3 scorers of the Italian team had 17 points alltogether – Fabris 7, Tirozzi 6, Gibbemeyer 4. 

12:00 CET – The reigning champions made a statement – Eczacibasi crushed Pomi

10:06 CET – It is now official! VakifBank’s 27 blocks in the match against Hisamitsu Springs and Zhu Ting’s 9 blocks at the same match are the new records of the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship!

These break the previous records of 25 blocks by Brazil’s Sollys Nestle of Osasco against Thailand’s Chang Bangkok in 2011 and of 8 blocks by Adenizia Silva of Osasco against Italy’s Foppapdretti Bergamo in 2010, both in Doha. 

08:59 CET – Rykhliuk and Rabadzieva – “We can play much better”

08:30 CET – Volero had no problems against Bangkok Glass.

07:15 CET – We all used to watch her play as middle blocker, spiking trademark 1st tempo attacks. But, Bangkok Glass star Pleumjit Thinkaow can also score from pipe attacks! 


06:30 CET – What a debut – Zhu Ting scored 28 points in her first official appearance for VakifBank. Chinese star was converting spikes into points from every position in the match vs. Hisamitsu Springs, while head coach Giovanni Guidetti praised her performance after the match.

“You saw it with your own eyes. She is just unbelievable,” said VakifBank head coach Giovanni Guidetti for WoV. 

06:16 CET – You do not see this every day – VakifBank scored 27 points by blocks! Head coach Giovanni Guidetti admitted that he has never seen that in his life.

“I am impressed with our blocking today. I think I have never seen my team make 27 blocks in a single match, and it was not even a five-setter. I am very happy because of that,” said Guidetti for WoV.

05:50 CET – VakifBank down Hisamitsu Springs in the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship 2016 opener

She is just… AMAZING! VakifBank became so much stronger with the arrival of  Zhu Ting… 

– Lonneke Sloetjes is on fire at the opening day of the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship…

– Are you ready for the start of the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship? Here is the schedule for the opening day:

10:00 (04:00 CET) – VakifBank vs. Hisamitsu Springs

13:00 (07:00 CET) – Volero Zurich vs. Bangkok Glass

16:30 (10:30 CET) – Pomi Casalmaggiore vs. Eczacibasi VitrA

19:30 (13:30 CET) – PSL-F2 Logistics Manila – Rexona Sesc

Monday, 17.10.2016:

Read the story about 8 head coaches… 

– Do you remember the last year’s finals? Eczacibasi VitrA defeated Dinamo Krasnodar and became the world champion for the first time ever in club’s history!

Competition format!

The 8 teams are split into two groups. The 1st stage will be played as a single round-robin format, while the top two teams from each group will advance to the semifinals.

You can find the full competition schedule at the following LINK

– Men will especially like this article – Top 5 hottest volleyball players at FIVB Women’s Club World Championship.

– There will be plenty of star players at the tournament. Here are some of them

– Did you know that more than 2,000 fans welcomed the world’s best teams Manila?

Team presentations.

On the following link you can find everything you need to know about Group A.

While here is the WoV presentation of Group B


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