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POL M: Marcin Mozdzonek – we will do our best to prepare for the Olympics

by WoV
source: pzps.pl

A press conference was held before the X Hubert Wagner Memorial. It was attended by Marcin Mozdzonek, Andrea Anastasi, Jerzy Mroz, Elzbieta Polak and Janusz Kubicki.


Poland – team


Andrea Anastasi (the Polish national team coach): “We train hard. We are not in good shape, but this is an assumption. For the Games there is still time, but things are going good. The team is a little injured. Knee problems, back or shoulder – but this is normal after such a period of preparation.

Marcin Mozdzonek (the Polish national team captain): “My foot is getting better from a medical point of view. We train very hard, because we want to be at our best for the Games.”

Jerzy Mroz (Organizer of the Hubert Wagner Memorial): “Interest in Zielona Gora, for volleyball is very high. Even before the success of the Polish national team in the World League tickets spread like lightning. We have a great captain to lead our team to Olympic gold. I believe that the sweat poured out in the hall Zielona will bring success in London.

Elzbieta Polak: “Lubuski will be the world capital of volleyball for the first time in history. I would like to congratulate our players for winning the World League. X Wagner Memorial will be at the global level. We will do everything that the volleyball players feel fine here. We are pleased that we are a partner of Hubert Wagner Foundation.

Janusz Kubicki (President of Zielona Gora): “Dreams come true. I never thought that the city will be able to host the top volleyball players in the world. It’s a great event for the whole province, that the World League gold medalists will come here to Zielona Gora.

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