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Matt Anderson – “Alekno was upset, there is possibility for me to come back…”

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source: sport.business-gazeta.ru,

Matthew Anderson is taking a break from volleyball because he is suffering a depression. He decided to terminate contract with Zenit and in an interview for sport.business-gazeta.ru, he has spoken about Alekno's reaction, his future etc.

Matt (1)

Matt (1)

After the World Championship I went home. I felt fine and thought that everything would be ok. I believed that I could overcome depression…It didn’t work. After two weeks in Kazan, depression was back and it was so hard for me. I think that it’s not a result of playing abroad. I just couldn’t live away from my family. I couldn’t train and play. I repeat, I have no any conflict with teammates, the coach or the club’s board. Here in Kazan, everything was at the highest level. I decided to take a break from my career because I’m tired of volleyball. I couldn’t wear the mask of a happy and carefree person, although I have completely different feeling. I need a time for recovery

What was the reaction of Vladimir Alekno?

What do you think? Of course, he was very upset. I was a part of the team and I could have done so much for the club. Unfortunately, a difficult time in my life coincided with a difficult moment in Zenit. But, I believe that Zenit will find the strength to solve this problem.”

Will you come back to Zenit?

This season, definitely not. As for the future, if they believe in me, that’s possible of course


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