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RUS W: Omichka didn’t pay 65% of salary for two years to Nancy Carrillo

by WoV
source: rsport.ru

Bojan Šimurina, the President of the company that represents interests of the Cuban opposite Nancy Carrillo, said that Omichka didn't pay 65% of her salary for two years.



Carrillo left the team in May.

Carrillo has been and still is a player of Volero, loaned by Omichka. Over the last two years in Omichka she didn’t get 65% of the total contract value. Several other players sued Omichka to the sports arbitration in Lausanne – Brankica Mihajlović (money for the whole contract), Natalia Mammadova (money for part of the contract), Nancy Carrillo (65% for two years) and ex-coaches of Omichka. The amount of the claimed money in Lausanne is 290.000 euros to SB-community + 120.000 euros for domestic players in Russia (we got that money in court). The debt of Omichka to all these players and coaches is over 1 million euros.” said Šimurina for “R-Sport”.


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