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RUS M: Verbov – „Meldonium doesn’t give significant benefits to athletes”

by WoV
source: sport-express.ru; Photo: rsport.ru

The case of drug abuse by Aleksandr Markin is the most intriguing story in the Russian volleyball at the moment. Online media from that county, „Sport-Express“, did an interesting interview with Aleksey Verbov, Markin’s teammate from the Russia’s National Team on this matter.




I was warned that, at any moment, WADA officer can come and take a sample. By drawing lots in Berlin at the Olympic Qualifiers, two players could be called for the doping test from one team. I was the second (besides Markin). We have the club doctor (in Zenit Kazan) who is monitoring such things and recommendations. So, we stopped taking meldonium long before January 1 (when it was prohibited by WADA). But, in general, the story is very strange,” libero of Russia’s title holders Zenit Kazan stated for “Sport-Express”.

Drugs like meldonium can be found everywhere in the world. In the USA, there is a version of the drug. I am sure that in Asia there is, too, but WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is not interested in those. Is this exactly the story about doping? Maybe it’s about business, to remove a competitor from the market? Meldonium does not give significant benefits to athletes. There is, after all, the drug called riboxin. It has the same effect as meldonium. Why is that not the doping as well?” Verbov emphasized.


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