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WoV BLOG: Costs and earnings analysis of competing in Champions League

by WoV
source: documents.mx, ebook.cev.lu; Photo: cev.lu

Participating in the most prestigious club Volleyball tournament in the world, the CEV Champions League, requires a certain amount of costs and it, ultimately, pays off only to those who go all the way.

Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin

Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin

By compiling the most recent data from the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) available online from 2012, 2015 and 2016, we came upon these numbers in comparing the costs and benefits of competing in the Champions League both for Men and Women**.

Let’s start with the costs that clubs need to pay to take part in both competitions if they previously qualify for them.


Registration fee:

Through its national federation, the participating club shall pay the mandatory registration fee, by respecting the deadline for payments, into the bank account of the CEV in order to be considered as an official partner of the competition and enjoy the rights descending from the participation in the CEV Volleyball Champions League. The club must respect the deadline for payments (usually until the beginning of May) in order to validate their participation in the competition.


Prior to the League Round (Qualifications): 2,000€ per round

League Round (pool stage): 25,000€

Playoffs 12: 8,000€

Playoffs 6: 5,000€



Prior to the League Round (Qualifications): 1,000€ per round

Other stages (pool stage, Playoffs 12 and Playoffs 6): 10,000€

License fee:

The participating club shall pay the license fee (one-time paid) to the account of the CEV for each player wishing to enter the competition and to be registered (usually until the beginning of October). This amount must be settled UPON RECEIPT of the related CEV invoice to the National Federation.

Both Men’s and Women’s clubs have TWO registration periods available – Licence fee in both cases is 34€

Medical insurance fee:

The participating club, both in Men’s and Women’s competition, shall pay medical insurance fee (one-time paid) for the insurance of each member of its Team delegation of 15.50€.

Organization fee:

The organization fee is a fee paid in order to organize one or more matches of a CEV competition. Unlike the CEV Volleyball European Championship, where fees are established, the organization fee for other CEV competitions is determined according to Organiser agreement. It includes the CEV Champions League. There are cases where there is no fee required.

Organization costs:

  • Per diem costs

The per diem costs are composed of a daily amount paid to CEV officials and referees according to their stay period. Other situations are settled according to the CEV General Regulations. The Organizer shall bear the per diem costs. These fees are to be settled upon arrival of those concerned.

MEN & WOMEN – Isolated matches of the main phase

For each neutral referee: 225€

For the CEV Supervisor: 225€

The appointed Reserve Referee will receive a Per Diem for one match amounting to 75€ plus travel costs (at least 150€) in case he has to travel


MEN & WOMEN – Final Four Tournament

For each neutral referee: 300€

For the reserve referee: 300€

For the CEV Referee Delegate: 375€

For the CEV Supervisor: 450€

For each additional appointed CEV Official except the CEV Representative: 75€ per day

In case the CEV Supervisor or neutral referee is obliged to arrive earlier or stay longer due to travel schedule, an additional amount of 75€ per day is to be paid to the concerned official.

  • Other organization costs

All organizing costs for the matches, including local transport of the visiting team(s), shall be borne by the receiving clubs. During the MAIN PHASE, the visiting team must organize and bear its board & lodging during the whole stay in the competition venue.


Prize money:

The CEV shall pay to each club participating both in the Men’s and Women’s competition the minimum bonus and prize money listed below. The Organizer of the Final Four tournament, being directly qualified after the League Round, will be remunerated with the bonus won during the League Round and a prize-money as per the standings of the Final Four.


League round – Match won: 4,000€; Match lost: 2,600€

Playoffs 12 – Match won: 5,000€; Match lost: 3,000€

Playoffs 6 – Match won: 6,000€; Match lost: 4,000€

1st ranked team: 50,000€

2nd ranked team: 30,000€

3rd ranked team: 20,000€

4th ranked team: 10,000€



League round – Teams not qualified for the Playoffs 12: 5,000€

Playoffs 12 – Teams not qualified for the Playoffs 6: 6,000€

Playoffs 6 – Teams not qualified for the Final Round: 8,000€

1st ranked team: 50,000€

2nd ranked team: 30,000€

3rd ranked team: 20,000€

4th ranked team 10,000€

According to the data collected from the 2015 CEV Champions League, total prize money for both Men’s and Women’s competition is 1,842,000€, while it is 2,131,400€ in total for all European Cups.

We appreciate the help of Jeremy Brahm from Inside VolleyCountry in gathering data.

**All above-mentioned costs and benefits could and might be changed for the 2017 CEV Champions League.

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The Hoff January 26, 2017 - 7:05 pm

You forgott to mention the costs for implementing the ‘challenge system’ (main round) which is mandatory for teams from this year.

Declercq January 29, 2017 - 8:30 pm

Where is the conclusion?!? I give It for free: for the majority of clubs CL means deficit. That’s a fact! For sure now that recuperation in CEV cup is no langer an option after group phase. Evaluate and think again CEV!


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