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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR WOV: Dragan Travica – “Belogorie has a perfect organization”

by WoV

Dragan Travica is experienced setter who is very important member of the Italian national team and Belogorie BELGOROD as well. With Russian team he has already won two gold medals and has no intention to stop there.


Dragan Travica

Dragan was born in Zagreb, Croatia, but has Italian citizenship. Love for volleyball was instilled by his father, legendary Ljubomir Travica.

Young Travica started his career in Sisly Treviso`s youth team, and after one year with Sira Cucine Falconara, he debuted in the Serie A1 where he stayed for 11 seasons.

Then he left Italy.

How do you feel in Russia? Many players often complain about cold weather and constant traveling?

“I feel good. It’s very strong championship. Until two weeks ago the temperature was around 0° and wasn’t so cold at all. Now it is more cold, but in Belgorod the weather is very dry, so it’s not so bad. Of course I prefer Hawaii (smile). There is a lot of travel; it is true, and a lot of kilometers to do. But my club has a perfect organization. I’m very lucky.”

Has your father Ljubo ever coached you?

“We played sometimes during holidays together when I was very young. But he was never my coach in a team. I remember that he loved (and still loves, of course) volleyball and he transmit to me this passion. When I was 6 years old he tought me how to make jump service, and already now I must thank him for my service.”

Is there any chance to see you and your father in the same club?

“I hope so. We just have to find a perfect situation for that to happen. He’s very good coach, and I need a good coach to improve.”



You were born in Croatia as well as your father but you grew up in Italy. Which language do you speak in your family?


Italians and Serbs are big rivals on the court but out of it, they are great friends, why is that?

“Between real sportsmen there is always a respect.“

To which players, current or former, you prefer to pass the ball?

“There are a lot. I can’t say just one. Maybe my father, when he was a player.”

Do you have any unfulfilled dreams?

“Yes, but I have time to fulfill them.” (smile)

Why don`t you have profile on social networks?

“I don’t like social networks. I think that everybody are too much on the smartphones and computers. And with all this social networks there is no more privacy. I have a website (travica.net) and for me it’s enough.”

What do you think about our website?

“I heard about your website. More and more sites are speaking of volleyball and that is good for everyone who love this sport. So thank you WorldofVolley.”

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