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Law education for volleyball players, coaches and clubs with Xavier Mansat

by WoV

WorldofVolley are bringing you the series of article from the experienced lawyer Xavier Mansat, a man who worked on many volleyball cases throughout the years.

His experience will be significant for all those players and coaches who are having troubles with the clubs that are not fulfilling the contract terms and vice versa.

We will be describing the volleyball institutions (list, powers, etc). Also, we would be presenting and commenting on some FIVB cases which are relevant to the players (for example termination of contract due to negative sports performance).

Who is Xavier Mansat?

He is currently working as a Legal adviser & Data Protection Officer in Sports Federation of Luxembourg (Sport, Intellectual Property, Personal Data, Non-profit association, European Union Laws).

He researched, created, improved and/or implemented legal concepts, documents and procedures across the organization:

➢ Regulatory framework

• Renewed all regulations: terminology, structure, content, layout and hierarchy

• Introduced and supervised a procedure to change the regulations and evaluate these changes

➢ Disciplinary and alternative dispute resolution body

• Established the body, its operational rules, competences and procedures

• Administered all stages of all proceedings and supported the draft of the decisions

➢ Contracts, tenders, bids and forms

• Designed the templates and coordinated the draft of most of these documents for competitions

organizations, sponsoring, partnership and internal work

➢ General Data Protection Regulation

• Led its implementation across the organization

• Created data mapping, revised contracts and forms and proposed innovative solutions

➢ Others

• Investigated for and delivered an opinion to the President

• Simplified, consolidated and restructured various internal processes

• Implemented and supervised a quality label for waste management – ISO 14024

• Harmonized internal documentation used by the various departments

It’s important to mention his work in CEV (Confédération Européenne de Volleyball) from July 2010 to Nov. 2012 where he was the Head of the players’ transfers

• Administered the verification, issue and account tracking of the transfers for 60% of worldwide

players’ transfers

• Introduced a regulation on the international transfer’s fees

More about Xavier’s education here.


The next article, about a specific case, coming soon. 

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