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WorldofVolley is the largest volleyball database on the internet, considering three key factors: Stats, Profiles and Videos!


Over the past few years, we’ve been collecting these features into one place and now WoV Features are available for purchase.

  • Profiles – more than 40,000 profiles of professional volleyball players, volleyball coaches, volleyball scouts, volleyball clubs, volleyball national teams and volleyball managers
  • Statistics – average and game-by-game stats for volleyball players and teams
  • WoVVideo database – more than 17,000 volleyball games’ videos


WorldofVolley passionately collects information about professional Volleyball players which resulted in Profiles’ database that contains more than 40,000 players’ profiles that include their personal and career details, stats, videos and contact. We also encouraged players to create their own profiles or claim the existing one which gave them the right to modify data about themselves. We made sure that each and every profile has as detailed as possible info.

Speaking of details, WorldofVolley enabled an Advanced Search button inside the Profiles category that opens numerous subcategories that will help you narrow your search and find exactly what you are looking for. And when you get inside the profile that you were looking for, highly important statistics pop up in front of your eyes: the history of his/her appearances on a club and national team level, the statistics for his/her matches for both levels sorted by seasons, by tournaments, by games, by wins or losses of his/her team and many more.


Statistics are getting increasing importance in today’s Volleyball. They had an important role earlier but in the last few years, Volleyball coaches need more and more details to improve the play of their teams. Statistics contain numbers that reveal insights about some team and expose advantages and weaknesses that coaches can use to upgrade the play of own team and to slow down the play of their rivals. But, knowing that it is a fast-paced game, keeping statistics in Volleyball is very hard compared to some other sports.

It is not a problem for WorldofVolley as we collect statistic reports from tournaments and championships around the world in the last 20 years and classify them inside professional Volleyball Players’ Profiles and professional Volleyball Clubs’ Profiles. We classified players’ statistics by key elements of a Volleyball play so that you can see which players are Leaders in each one of them and how it is changed during the season. Browse our Games category to find the statistics from each game that some national team or club has played.


Scouting videos are an essential part of Volleyball strategy nowadays. They allow you to understand what is happening with competitors during the game, what will their upcoming strategy be, how players of your and rival team move, rotate, where they exactly spike or serve, how they start the relly. WorldofVolley understood that video can be a powerful, and probably a crucial, tool in scouting your opponents.

That is why we made an effort to collected 17,000 scouting videos of Volleyball matches around the world which is a database that will certainly satisfy all your needs for scout analysis. You can customize these scouting videos based on your needs because you can browse our database by the Type (club or national team), Country, Gender and Season. Furthermore, if you need to see scouting videos of a specific team only, the Search field will make your job easier.

For more information, write to us at info@worldofvolley.com.

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