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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV: Freya Aelbrecht – “My teammates are just awesome and crazy”

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Two years ago, Freya Aelbrecht was one of the key members of Belgian Asterix Kieldrecht. Season was finished and there was an offer that can’t be refused. The middle blocker of Belgian national team decided to take the opportunity and to accept an offer from RC Cannes. Freya will tell you the rest of this story…

Freya Aelbrecht

Freya Aelbrecht

This is your second season in RC Cannes. Are you satisfied with your performances till now?

“My first season in Cannes was also my first year abroad. So for me it wasn’t only to progress in volleyball but also I had to learn to live and ‘work’ like a professional volleyball player. And in Cannes I can work on all of that. In this season, my second, I got more opportunities to show my skills during the games. So yes, I’m really happy with the things I already learned here, especially from our coach Yan Fang and TOP Middle Blockers Vica Ravva & Milena Rasic, and the chances I got.”

 RC Cannes has 14-0 in French league. Can anyone stop you?

“Our main goal in the season is always the Champions League. We want to get there as far as possible & it’s for that goal that the club ‘makes’ a team. So of course in the French League we have to take the double. We owe it to ourselves, staff, supporters and club. After all those years Cannes keeps on doing it and keeps on taking the double. So I hope that we can say this also in the end of this season. That would be cool!”

 You will play against Turkish Vakifbank in CEV Champions league. What you need to do to beat them?

“We have nothing to lose against the best team in the world. Even after their first defeat versus Fenerbache and 3-2 win versus Eczacibasi, they’ll play volleyball on top level! We just gonna play with a lot of motivation, dynamic, concentration and as one team! We’re going to enjoy this game and play with a lot of emotion.”

 What do you think about your teammates from RC Cannes?

“My teammates from RCC are just awesome and crazy, but in a good way, of course. It really clicks like it has to be in one team. We go through fire and water for each other. #RCConfire, this is our hashtag on twitter!”


How would you describe yourself?

“I always try to be very positive and use my energy to support the team and play like hell every game. I’m just having a good time when I’m out there on the court. On the other side, that can sometimes bring some concentration problems for me, but I’m working on it to fix it.”

 Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

“In 5 years I’ll be 28 and I just hope that I still play volleyball!” said Aelbrecht


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