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LIVE FROM MILANO: USA claims first World Championship title!

by WoV

USA has won its first gold medal at the World Championship. The team of coach Karch Kiraly has defeated China in the finals by 3-1.

USAChina 3-1 (27-25, 25-20, 16-25, 26-24)

USA vs. China

USA vs. China

26-24 Kimebrly Hill won the historical point for the first USA’s gold at the World Championship 

25-24 Kimberly Hill won teh seconde match ball

24-24 Hui equalized adnsave the first match point of USA

24-23 great block of Akinradewo for match point

22-23 great first attack of Akinradewo, Lang Ping took TO 

19-22 Amazing block of Hui on Murphy, China won five points in row

19-19 USA and great Hill equalized  



19-17 Hui scored her 18th point 

17-15 what amazing point of Zhu, TO USA 

16-13 Fawcett won important point for USA for teh second TTO  

14-10 Hui made a big mistake and Lang Ping called time out 

9-8 for the first time Lang Ping called video challenge and she was right 

8-6 USA went on the firsst TTO with +2 

5-5 from the beginning of the fourth set teams are still playing point by point 

2-2 service mistake by Harmotto 

The fourth set

China vs USA

China vs USA

16-25 what amazing play of China and strong attack of Zeng 

16-22 Yuan was too strong for USA 

13-19 Liu cheated American block

11-17 Murphy was good in attack 

10-16 Zeng won point without block on the other side of the net for the second TTO

8-13 great block of Yuan 

8-11 Zhu scored an amazing poin, TO USA 

7-8 Hui scored new point for the lead at the first TTO 

The third set 

China vs USA

China vs USA

25-20 Fawcett was too strong on the net 

24-19 mistake of Zhu 

23-18 once again great attack of Hill

22-18 seventh point for Hill 

21-18 TO for Lang Ping

18-18 new equalization 

15-16 China has the lead at the second TTO

15-15 Harmotto ties the score

13-14 Zeng’s spike for the China’s lead

13-13 Harmotto scores

12-13 China has one point of lead! Kiraly takes the TO

12-12 Zhu scores very important point for China and ties the score

12-10 Great move by Glass

10-9 China is close with 3-0 scorin run, USA still has the lead

8-4 Kiraly’s team has four points of advantage at the first TTO

7-2 Larson-Brubach again!

5-2 Larson-Burbach’s spike gives her team three points of advantage

2-1 Xinuye Yuan misses the ball, USA has the lead at the begging of the second set 

The second set

Akindrewo attacks

Akindrewo attacks

27-25 After all, USA takes the first part of the game

24-24 USA misses the opportunity to take the first set, China is back

24-22 Hill scores and USA has the first set ball

23-21 Akinradewo keeps the lead

22-19 Kiraly’s team is close to take the first set

21-19 USA again has two points of advantafe. Hill hit one of the Chinese players in the head

20-19 It was a long point rally, Akinradewo scored block point for taking the lead again

18-18 Two blocks by USA and the result is tied again

16-18 Amazing block by Zeng, Kiraly reacts with a time-out

16-16 Zhu scores an ace and ties the score

16-14 USA has a lead at the second TTO, Fawcett scored the last point for Kiraly’s team

15-13 Akinradewo’s services give the U.S. team two points of advantage

12-11 Kimberly Hill scores an ace for taking the lead

7-8 China has a lead after the first TTO

7-7 USA makes the 4-0 scoring run and ties result

3-8 The squad of Lang Ping is not afraid of U. S team

The first set

Final game

Final game

USA: Glass, Banwarth, Thompson, Larson, Murphy, Harmotto, Fawcett, Hill, Akinradewo, Robinson, Dixon, Adams. Coach: Karch Kiraly.

CHINA: Yuan, Zhu, F., Yang, Shen, J. Yang, Wei, Zeng, Lui, Shan, Hui, Chen, Wang. Coach: Lang Ping.

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Piotr Wrona October 12, 2014 - 10:50 pm

Swietny mecz,żal troche Chinek ale amerykanki były lepsze.Za rok dwa chinki będą numer jeden .


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