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ARG: Argentine Cups: A voice from Chubut

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The goal of the new proposal for the Argentine Cups headed by its organizer, the Argentine Volleyball Federation. FeVA made different tests with all the delegations, authorities, officials to evaluate the different parts of the organization. Read latest volleyball news on Worldofvolley.com.


Oliva Chubut

Different talks were carried out between different officials and authorities, FeVA and Province people exchange ideas and own experiences. One of the very important ones was carried with the presence of Sebastián Oliva, Sport Director of Lago Puelo City Hall, Chubut with his team participating for the first time at the U 18 & U 16 Argentine Cups meaning travelling 2,000 kilometres to compete at the best level of Argentine tournaments.

“This is the result of first, several results obtained by the Club at local competition, then winning regional, province and Patagonian tournaments and winning confidence and knowing how far we could dream. We decided to compete in the Argentine Cups because the grass-root categories showed a good level. We knew it would be hard because we did not have such an experience but we also knew we had to start having it” pointed out the Delegation Head of the U 18 & U 16 teams.

As per Oliva words, to face the regional reality with the national one is very important for his players. “Our girls, that here got not good results and stood at the last places, came from winning all what was locally played and need to overcome themselves, For us this is growing and is useful to show that we need to excel our expectations and not think that one is the best one. That there are better teams and we have to keep training to reach the highest we can. We bet on that” emphasized the official.

Nevertheless, Oliva takes the fact that “this competition is an award, to make possible for the girls to make such important trip was possible thanks to the help of Chubut Deportes through out the Province support, of the Chubut Volleyball Federation and the City Hall and of course, the effort of all players” but over all Oliva also pointed out the fact that “this new FeVA proposal with reference to the agreement in transportation is basic for our reality. It would have been impossible to make such a trip without this agreement. It is a long distance of 2,000 kilometres added to all the trips to qualify. In prior years there was not the slightest chance of thinking on such an adventure not even to dream on competing at national level”.

Oliva showed also satisfaction with the new qualification formula that allowed teams from all regions and towns to compete. “I want to point out and emphasize and congratulate the organization. We were welcomed like idols, we had all the necessities covered and even more. Nothing to be worried about, it was an outstanding experience. The girls had good board and food. I take a great image of these competitions, and we area already talking with the coach and the girls to do our utmost to come again with greater dreams”.

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