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ITA W: Cuello – Save the dignity of this sport

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There were word of pride but also of bitterness after the game between Volley Modena and Conegliano. Claudio Cuello, Alisha Glass and Jenny Barazza shared their thoughts. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.


Claudio Cuello

Coach Cuello: “Today I spoke with the team and I said something that I think is very important. Everyone in his life has to write the pages with their own ink. Today, the girls decided to write this page with their ink and this defines all to those who can interpret it. Nobody has the power to prevent someone to find a job. If someone tells me what is best for the team, I can say that it is better to close it so the players have the time to find a team in the market. But, however, the League should be responsible for finding a way to protect the teams. Who brings food to my family for example? If you shut down the team, do not shut down the girls, in case they do not find another team. Who decides? There are people who could help, many in turn could give aid when they see companies like today, instead of asking what will be on sale next year. Everyone makes mistakes, But a team where people put energy to carry on should be defended. This team has made history in the Italian volleyball. We are third in the standings and who knows maybe someone is thinking if I can find the pennies to make a good team next year. There are people who want to write their own stories with ink of others. Today we wrote our story, someone has to take charge at this point to save the morality and dignity of thi sport.

Alisha Glass: “It ‘s been very nice to play a game so exciting and a lot of people were here to support us. They did so because Modena has made and makes the history of volleyball and this was very exciting. As for my growth in the past few months I can say that we put things together piece by piece. We have made the team by working day after day and we arrived to this point. Thursday? can not wait to play against Ankara because we want to demonstrate what we can do.

Jenny Barazza has no doubts: “After all I’m still here and I can say that I would make the same choice a thousand times because I’ve always believed and I believe today. I hope everything goes well not only for me but also for the employees that have jobs and that are in silence without being seen. This kind of situation has already happened to me in Florence, but then I was young and carefree. Here is a family who has a passion, we are still doing everything possible to resolve the situation and we believe that we are still here…

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