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Cuban federation denies possibility of importing coaches for their national teams, invests in further education of their experts

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The Cuban Volleyball Federation (FCV) spoke on the possibility of appointing a foreign head coach to the men’s national team, but also to any of the national teams under their auspices.

Cuban federation (Photo: ebay.com)

The FCV closed the debate that had been established around the offer of foreign coaches to lead the men’s national team.

Days ago, it was learned that coaches from Argentina, Australia, but also Russia (which is new information) offered to collaborate with the men’s national team. The name of one of these has been revealed and it’s Argentine Jorge Elgueta, currently at the helm of UAE’s Al Jazira Sport Club. And, according to the media, these experts would command Cuba Men for free. However, the FCV vice president, Inder Sainz, settled the issue with a categorical statement in this regard: “We aren’t going to import coaches who’d come to discover what we’ve already discovered and with which we’ve worked, which is the talent that volleyball players have in Cuba.”

According to the country’s national federation official, the FCV has proposed a strategic plan with training courses of national scope from its provinces until obtaining the approval that allows coaches to take a postgraduate course. He added that, in the international arena, the plan would be to go through the certification that starts from the first level to the third in an orderly process since the FIVB has established that as a guideline in their events, leading to categorization, which is a must-have for coaches. Along these lines, the international courses will begin with the coaches who are assistants in national teams, as well as those at the helm in senior and youth NTs: Nicolás Vives, Jesús Cruz, and Leivy García.

In fact, it’s known that Vives, the expert who commanded Cuba Men at the recently concluded World Championship, will receive a Level 1 improvement course in the Dominican Republic in November, taught by the prestigious instructor Antônio Rizola, the Brazilian that has been commanding the Colombia Women’s National Team since 2017, with which he’ll participate in the World Champs, starting tomorrow. The FCV allocated $ 30,000 to the projects of further education of their coaches.

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