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FRA M: Exiga knew “that the wheel would turn”

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source: actuvolley.com

Jean-Francois Exiga wants to regain the French championship with Tours Volley Ball three years after he left Cannes to go to Italy. He speaks of European Cup, Trento and ZAKSA. Macerata didn't extend his contract when they brought Hubert Henno.


Jean-Francois Exiga

We have a tough group in the European Cup with Trento and ZAKSA, but we are ready to confront them. We will try to win as many points as we canExiga said.

As for the French championship, I never won it, so it is my personal objective.

I had trouble with Macerata, they didn’t want to extend my contract when they brought Hubert Henno. But I always knew that the wheel would turn, and that’s the part of a player’s life.

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