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RUS W: Olga Zhitova plays in the same team with her husband

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source: usmanagement.ru; Photo: usmanagement.ru

Middle blocker Olga Zhitova in an interview with the press service of the Dinamo MOSCOW told about the circumstances of the transition to the capital club and plans for the upcoming holiday. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Olga Zhitova

Olga, are you satisfied when you signed contract with the Dinamo MOSCOW?

” Yes I am very happy! Just the day before I met with friends and did not know I will next day received such an offer! Everything was decided in just 10 minutes! Dinamo MOSCOW is strong and great club. I note that in the team played my friends – Marina Akulova, Valeriya Goncharova, Maryna Marchenko and many other good players – world-class players.”

Are you satisfied how you finished the season?

“I am satisfied, it was a good season. It should be noted that the result depends largely on the successful interaction with the other player.”

What do you remember this season?

“I remember the games with KRASNODAR. And if we talk about the work process, in the Tiumen we have very good and friendly staff. After the season ends we met at a farewell dinner and it was very touching meeting.”

You went to the club where your husband works – Sergey Zhitov. Are you happy with family reunion?

“Of course I am pleased! We worked together before and after my long journeys we are again in the same club. I am very happy to play on a team where my husband works.”

Is it more difficult to work together or apart?

“I think that the more complicated apart. Although, of course, relationships at work and at home should be different. When we are at home – we’re a family, at work – colleagues.”

What do you plan for holidays?

“We’re going to go to the Maldives. For a long time I wanted to go there. I think this is a place where I can relax mentally and physically. Beautiful Island, Indian Ocean … By the way, the first thing we looked is whether there is a gym and volleyball court.”

Do will plan to play volleyball? Do not get tired of it?

“We will definitely play! We even bought all sorts of things necessary for beach volleyball, for example, special socks for hot climates. We just really really love volleyball, and treat it not only as a job but as a pleasant occupation for rest.”

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