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Rezende may be a candidate for governor of Rio

by WoV
source: exame.abril.com.br: Photo: exame.abril.com.br

Bernardo Rezende could leave volleyball court anytime soon, because he is considering entering, elections for governor of the Rio de Janeiro State.


Bernando Rezende

Two major political parties in Brazil – PSDB and PMDB are competing for the place in government of Rio State. According to sources, Rezende has discreetly joined PSDB and is going to be Senator Aetius Neves’ choice for the governor.

As a coach, Rezende is one of the greatest in history of volleyball. He won 2004 Olympic gold, and two silver medals 2008 and 2012, three World Championship titles (2002, 2006, 2010) and much more.

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