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ARG M: The Argentine National Team at the A1 – Meeting in Bahia Blanca

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

This Thursday, the manager of the grass-root Argentine National Teams, Prof. Osvaldo Celia, will travel to Bahia Blanca to work on the last details of the agreement that will be signed this Friday between the President of the Argentine Volleyball Federation, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, and the President of Club Olimpo, Alfredo Dagna, related to the participation of a combined grass-root national team in the next edition of the Argentine A1 Seniors' Men Teams League representing the Bahia Blanca Club.


Juan Antonio Gutiérrez and Alfredo Dagna

The project, that is one of FeVA developments towards making stronger the grass-root national teams, has the official support of Bahia Blanca government officials and of the Buenos Aires Province Volleyball Federation.

Gutiérrez, meanwhile will travel on Friday to sign the agreement as part of the meeting that both officials has a few weeks ago at FeVA HQ.

Also, added to the project of belonging to the Argentine A1 League, the team that will have a combination of Juniors’, reinforcements and players from Bahia Blanca, will mean the development of volleyball activity for the whole Bahia Blanca region on a steady basis and not only with great international competitions and matches. The fact that one of the most important clubs of the city gets involved with volleyball will make it grow as part of the clubs many activities.

This is a four-year project looking forward to a promising future for Bahia Blanca volleyball.

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