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GER W: Globetrotter Ganzer landed to Dresden

by WoV
source: dresdnersportclub.de; Photo: WSU Athletics

The U.S. opposite Meagan Ganzer resumes her career in the German vice champion Dresden.

Meagan Ganzer

Meagan Ganzer

With the high of 1.92-meter Meagan Ganzer is good in the block and in offense, so Dresdner SC got a strong attacker.

The Californian-born 22-year-old did not consider the offer of the DSC for long time.

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Dresdner SC team in the next season. I knew immediately that the DSC is the right choice for me after I heard so many good things about the coaching staff, the team and the level of the Bundesliga.The chance to play in the Champions League again is great and I heard the city is beautiful, too. I am looking forward to August,“ Ganzer said.

Meagan Ganzer had very successful time while playing at Washington State University before gathering  various experiences abroad: in Puerto Rico (Leonas de Ponce), Romania (Tomis Constanţa) and Turkey (TED Ankara Kolejliler).

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