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GER M: Max Günthör wants to go abroad: The captain’s leaving Unterhaching

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source: http://www.abendzeitung-muenchen.de

Max Günthör is leaving after four years in Haching. He is drawn to other countries.Coach Mihai Paduretu in California now looking for new players for the German Volleyball-runner up.

Max Günthör leaves Haching

Max Günthör leaves Haching

Two weeks Mihai Paduretu had wanted to take a break from volleyball. After the dramatic defeat in the final series of the German Volleyball Championship  against Berlin he planed to take rest. But after a busy week Paduretu must immediately continue his work in Generali Unterhaching. Since Monday he definitely knows that he must find a new captain. 

Max Günthör has decided  to leave the club after four years. 

“Max has completed his studies and now wants to play abroad and gain experience. He is a very good player, he has completed over 100 international matches. It is difficult to replace him, “said Paduretu, . 

On Tuesday Paduretu went  on a nine-day California trip. “I will look at the semi-finals and the finals of the university championships and the Olympic qualifying tournament with the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Trinidad-Tobago and the Dominican Republic. Maybe I can find sime players for Unterhaching, “he said to the Abrndzeitung Munchen

According to this article country or club where Max Günthör will play next season are not yet certain.


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