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DID YOU EXPECT THIS? Brilliant feint by Oostende libero! (VIDEO)

by WoV
source: youtube.com/sfekke69; Photo: nieuwsblad.be

Sometimes we wonder if liberos are feeling bored on the court. Obviously some become tired of only receiving opponents’ balls and want to score.

Margo Voets, the libero of Belgian team Hermes Volley Oostende, turned the second ball into the point!

She came up to brilliant idea in the last round of the regular season in Belgian championship – feinted to set bal and sent it just a bit over the net on the other side. The players of VC Oudegem were completely surprised by this move.

By the way, Oostende closed the season with 3-1 win over Oudegem, ending on the 3rd place in the standings. Also, the team grabbed an European ticket for the next season.


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