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POL M: Jastrzebski of Bernardi and Lasko in semifinals

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Jastrzebski Wegiel of the coach Michal Bernardi and Lasko, the MVP of the match (27 points with 51% attack), defeated Delecta Bydgoszcz 3:1, thus qualifying for the semifinalis of the Polish championship.



In 1. set the guests started with the lead of 8:10, but Jastrzebski turned the result with the block of Vinhedo on Siltala (10:10),  the error of Antiga (12:11) and the block on Konarski, getting to 13:11.
Two points of Siltala evened the result 13:13. Howaver, Jastrzebski took the lead of 16:14 and kept it to the end of the set, when Gawryszewski scored 25:23.


In 2. set Bydgoszcz got to 5:7 thanks to Antiga, but after the first technical time-out (6:8) the blocks of Holmes on Jurkiewicz and Vinhedo on Siltala turned the situation with 9:8.
Two teams continued changing the lead (11:13, 15:13 ), but with an excellent block, Jastrzebski got to 18:16.
Then came the counterattack of Lasko (19:16), but it was not enough to secure the lead because 2 counterattacks of Konarski (19:18 and 20:20) evened the result.
The errors of Vinhedo (20:21) and Baartman (20:22) reversed the situation. Konarski closed the set with the ace 21:25.

In 3. set Bydgoszcz took the lead of 4:5 and secured it to the first technical time-out (6:8).
The block of Siltala (9:10) and the ace of Gawryszewski evened the result 11:11, which was maintained up to 16:16.
The decisive was the counterattack of Lasko for Jastrzebski scoring 17:16 and 20:17.
Holmes closed the set with 25:20 in favor of Jastrzebski.

In 4. set Bydgoszcz took advantage thanks to the error of Holmes (2:4), but the American improved immediately with 3 aces  (5:5, 7:5 and 9:5). Bydgoszcz lowered the difference with the ace of Antiga (10:8), the error of Lasko (13:12) and the point of Walinski, getting to 13:13.
However, the draw did not change the result, because Holmes blocked Konarski (15:13) and Kubiak scored an ace (17:14).
Bernardi made the substitution with the entrance of Ashlei Nemer in place of Lasko.
That decision was not relevant because thanks to 2 blocks, 1 ace and the ball hit in out by Wrona (25:18) Jastrzebski won the game and qualified for the semifinals.

Quarterfinals: Game 4 (March 22)

Jastrzebski Wegiel – Delecta Bydgoszcz 3:1 (25:23, 21:25, 25:20, 25:18) Series: 3:1

Jastrzebski Wegiel: Raphael Margarido “Vinhedo” 4, Bartman 5, Holmes 13, Lasko 27, Kubiak 16, Gawryszewski 6, Rusek (L); Ashlei Nemer 1, Tiago Violas 0, Bontje 0, Luciano Bozko 3
Did not enter: Sufa
Coach: Bernardi

Delecta Bydgoszcz: Masny 3, Antiga 10, Wrona 8, Konarski 17, Siltala 12, Jurkiewicz 10, Debiec (L); Wika 0, Gradowski 1, Lipinski 0, Walinski 1
Did not enter: Owczarz
Coach: Makowski
MVP: Lasko.

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