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Smallest WorldofVolley fans…

by WoV

One side of sport is working with kids. And it is the best side. Cause kids don't lie when they are enjoying something. You can see it in their eyes,in their smiles,in their moves.


Smallest WorldofVolley fans

You can see their happiness and then that feeling takes even you, and it is GREAT. That is what is happening in our volleyball school “Volley“, Novi Sad, Serbia… Day after day, we are enjoying and having super fun… every practice…

Remember when you started to play? Long time ago… You didn’t think about clubs, money, effort, difficulties… You were just enjoying the GAME of volleyball and great company… and it was pure… and it was a nice feeling… the BEST!


Smallest WorldofVolley fans

I want you to try one thing, it is a  SECRET TRICK, and you will be the “best” in the game for sure… Before every game, try to remember those times… and feelings… that you had while you were playing as kid, as these our kids on the photos… pure enjoyment… and then go and play the best game of your career of a professional sportsman… THANK YOU, WorldOfVolley for your effort to connect all the people who enjoy in the “best sport of all“… and to make it better… we’ll be there… on your side…

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