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CRO: Super League players started with their team training sessions

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After almost two months of volleyball break, in accordance with the epidemiological recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Super League players started with their training sessions.

Mladost Zagreb

Mladost Zagreb

For the past two months, most Superliga players have been holding fitness training sessions online every day, organizing training sessions through the ZOOM meeting platform, and using social networks so that younger age groups can continue to be informed about training sessions and events in their clubs.

After the closing of the sports halls and gyms we have organized strength training through the ZOOM meeting platform. We took advantage of all the available digital technology and had training sessions at least 3 times a week. We have combined strength training with our own body weight and high-intensity interval training, which maintained the muscle tone of the players and affected the cardiorespiratory system. Although not in physical contact, we didn’t distance ourselves socially either.“ – said coach Ivan Perić.

MOK Mursa Osijek used the volleyball break due to the pandemic to repair minor injuries of individual players. Their program also included various injury prevention exercises.

 “The program consisted of various exercises to prevent injuries, stability and strength of the torso, shoulder girdle and legs, and we have also used that period to repair some minor injuries of individual players. We are currently able to train in larger groups, where around 10 players are currently training. In the upcoming weeks we will include a gym in the training process as well. “- said coach Mario Teppert.

In Kaštela, three Super League clubs have started with their training.

Psychosis and thinking about the coronavirus are still there, but we hope that soon it will all be forgotten. The desire for training was great, which can be seen by the number of arrivals, the girls are not absent from any training. It is a pity that our extremely successful season was interrupted, in which we made a lot of good results, but we will try to repeat it in the upcoming season. ”- said OK Marina Kaštela.

 “First I had to assess the situation with the props and the possibility of maintaining a cardio program or muscle endurance. After that, we have created programs for seniors/juniors/cadets via the “Smart training” application, and distributed balls to the youngest ages and sent exercises for fun and technical stimulation. We have been working in groups in the hall for 2 weeks now, and yesterday we worked in a group of 10 players for the first time. ”- said the coach of the first team of OK Mladost Ribola Kaštela, Ivan Rančić.

In the past 2 months, the players conducted fitness training online, and the training was led by our fitness trainer Tea Bešlija. Since last week, these fitness training sessions have been conducted outdoors, of course in compliance with all prescribed epidemiological measures. Although we can now organize training sessions in the gym we didn’t decide on that move, considering that this year’s competition season is over, so we decided that it would be better to wait a little longer with the training sessions indoors. ”- said Zoran Grgantov, the first coach of OK Kaštela.

OK Split has two Super League clubs; women’s and men’s team that first started holding their training sessions outdoors using beach volleyball courts in cooperation with KOP Žnjan.

We use two beach volleyball courts, the girls train in small groups, practice the technical elements and the volleyball movements themselves, which are more physically demanding on this surface. As part of the training, part of the exercises for injury prevention and preservation of physical strength are performed. Staying outdoors and favorable weather conditions certainly affect the improvement of the mental health of our girls and the return of enthusiasm needed for the new volleyball challenges that lie ahead. “- said coach Mirela Delić.

Coach Fabijan Ćosić told us:

Our seniors regularly run outdoors, ride bicycles, mountaineer. Furthermore, we have started training beach volleyball in groups of four, we sincerely hope that this situation caused by the coronavirus will end as soon as possible and that we will all return to the sports fields.“

All our clubs follow the instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters before and after each training session, everything must be disinfected, physical distance is maintained and players do not use the locker rooms.

Before each training, the equipment and balls must be disinfected according to the recommendations of the HZJZ, physical distance is maintained and players do not use the locker rooms and after training sessions, they go directly home, without showering and entering the locker rooms. I can say that I am extremely satisfied with the motivation, attitude, approach and performance of my players. “- said Ivica Đolonga.

The good news is that some of our national team members have joined the training sessions with our Super League clubs and that they can already prepare for the upcoming season.

The first week we trained in groups of 4 and a combination of training in the gym and outdoors. This week we finally set out to train as a whole in the gym for now with only one workout a day. All players have a great desire to work and energy after a sudden cessation of training. We are extremely glad that the national team members Božičević, Strunjak, Klarić and Čutura are training with us. “- said Saša Ivanišević, the first coach of the women’s senior team HAOK Mladost and the selector of the Croatian women’s U19 national team.

All of our coaches agree that they sincerely hope that this situation caused by the coronavirus will be brought to an end as soon as possible and that everyone will return to the sports fields.

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