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CEV CL M: Four captains about “Challenge System”

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Bulent Kandemir, Arkas Izmir: "Up to now, we are pretty relaxed because I believe that among the participants, we are perhaps in the most comfortable position. We will take this competition as an opportunity. We will try to be the surprise of the tournament and finish in the best possible position on the scoreboard. "



Matey Kaziyski, Trentino PlanetWin365: “Perhaps the most interesting about this tournament is the introduction of the ‘challenge system’. I have watched its operation in tennis tournaments, but it will be special and new for us to see how it works on the court of volleyball.
I am very happy to have reached the final of the Champions League for the fourth consecutive time and again be the captain of one of the best teams in Europe. Year after year, we always intend to be the summit of the European Volleyball.

We have the desire to win and be the proud holders of this trophy. Again, we will give the spectators a show full of emotions. “

Alexander Volkov, Zenit Kazan: “We are happy for the introduction of the Challenge System, because this will allow teams to focus on the game presented on the court, without having to worry about the validity of the referees’ decisions.”

Mariusz Wlazy, PGE Skra Belchatow: “This will be another opportunity to test the ‘challenge system’. We started using it in the cup of Poland. The system in general I like because it helps avoid stress situations.
However, sometimes it is still imprecise and does not work as you would like. Nevertheless, I think that we as professional players will be able to draw a big benefit. “

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