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WoV in Florence – 1 day more…recipe for good cake

by WoV

If you were on a diet until now, this cake you have to try.



Everything you need is…


Good mood

Lot of love for volleyball

Places in Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence (or comfortable place in a chair next to the TV)


For the filling









Take Iran and Russia and mix that well to get a strong and exciting mixture. After two hours you need to put Italy and USA in the second container and cook. After two more hours your first fil is done.

In the next fil you will do everything same but this time in a separate bowl put Russia and Brazil, cook that fil about two hours and then prepare the new one with USA and Australia. When you finish that, leave it in the fridge for the night.

The third fil is with boiling Brazil and Iran. They must be well cooked and then, finally add Australia and Italy.

The first part of your cake is finished but you will have to wait for the weekend to add two more essential ingredients. On Sunday put the icing on the cake and enjoy!

Ciao Firenza!


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