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Official volleyball rules PART 8: Participants – Location of the team

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source: fivb.org; photo:fivb.org

Who is allowed to sit on the bench? Where is the rest of the team during the match? In the following, we will answer all these questions.

Turkey during time-out



4.2.1 The players not in play should either sit on their team bench or be in their warm-up area. The coach and other team members sit on the bench, but may temporarily leave it. The benches for the teams are located beside the scorer’s table, outside the free zone.

4.2.2 Only the team composition members are permitted to sit on the bench during the match and to participate in the official warm-up session.

4.2.3 Players not in play may warm-up without balls as follows: During play: in the warm-up areas; During time-outs and technical time-outs: in the free zone behind their court.

4.2.4 During set intervals, players may warm-up using balls within their own free zone. During the extended interval between sets 2 and 3 (ifused), players may use their own court as well.

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