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ARG M: Javier Filardi – I will fight for UPCN

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source: aclav.com; Photo: aclav.com

Javier Filardi, newest UPCN SAN JUAN Voley's player, spoke of his expectations, his relationship with the fans and his motives. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Javier Filardi

How do you fell about playing for UPCN?

The truth is that it is a great satisfaction. UPCN is doing very well in recent years and although I had the opportunity to join a few years ago, I could not because of the contract I was under. I’m very excited to play for the champion.

What do you expect of the fans, now on this side of the court?

I hope that people do not have a grudge with me, now I play for UPCN, I’ll be the number 1 fan and give my best. I will fight for UPCN.

You had 10,000 people against you, now you’re going to have them on your side.

– I honestly do not lie when I say that I am very excited to play in UPCN, I have the batteries recharged, and can’t wait to play in front of fans in Aldo Cantoni hall.

You have already worked with Fabian Armoa have already worked?

Fabian and I have a very good relationship. I like the way he works and that gives me peace of mind because I know who to go to. I don’t expect to have problems adapting.

You are accustomed to the pressures and high goals.

There is certain amount of pressure in every sport. UPCN wants a new title and that pressure for is an extra motivation to train, to play. The pressures are part of my job and my job is to win.

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