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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Luke Smith – “It’s not very often that league newcomers aim so high”

by WoV
source: Photo: instagram.com/smiddy99/

Luke Smith and his team Sporting are working hard to make this team great again!

Luke Smith

Luke Smith

So far, they are doing it well. The league newcomers, Sporting, have managed to make the biggest surprise in the first half of the season in Portugal, winning 13 games out of 14, which made them the league leaders so far! 

Let’s see what Luke Smith, one of the players of Sporting, has to say about this big achievement!

How would you rate this half of a season in Portugal?

First half of the season has been a great challenge and so far mostly successful start personally and for the team. We are a new team in the league and it’s not very often that a new team aims so high! But here we are sitting in the first position before the Christmas break, which is a credit to the players and staff involved with this project with much more work to come!”

Can you compare Portuguese league with other European leagues? How strong is this league?

Having played in the silver medal team of Finland last year I would say it’s a similar level league- a medium Euro level league with the top teams pushing into the high levels of Euro such as the Champions League & CEV.”

Does volleyball in Portugal attract the fans?

Portugal has a decent volleyball fan base, most notably in the big rival club matches (eg. Sporting vs Benfica) you will have the sports hall fully packed with passionate cheering fans it’s a fantastic atmosphere.”

Which sports are the most popular in Portugal?

“Home of Cristiano Ronaldo? Football!”

Luke Smith

Luke Smith

What are the goals of the Australian national team in 2018?

We aim to prove our level amongst the top teams in the world beginning with the new World League competition. Later in the year, we will aim to progress into the finals of the World Championships.”

Let’s meet Luke Smith outside of the court. How do you spend free time and do you have some hobbies?

Off-court I am mostly relaxing with my wife and baby girl. I also study part-time, I enjoy listening and playing music (guitar), and when my wife allows – I like to game,” laughs Perry after mentioning gaming…

What’s your favorite book, movie or TV show?

Most recent favorites – Book: The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle, Movie: Dr. Strange, TV show: Rick & Morty.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Anywhere with my family. Hopefully still playing volleyball at a high level, with my daughter at this age I would be settled in one country, enjoying life!”

Where are you going to spend the new year’s eve?

In our Portuguese home city of Espinho, with nice food, great company, getting ready for an even better 2018,” finishes Luke Smith an interview for WorldofVolley.


Tatyana Kosheleva has also given an interview for WorldofVolley.


Stay tuned, there are more new year’s Interviews coming!

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