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Official volleyball rules PART 16: Structure of play – positions

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At the moment the ball is hit by the server, each team must be positioned within its own court in the rotational order (except the server).

7.4.1 The positions of the players are numbered as follows: the three players along the net are front-row players and occupy positions 4 (front-left), 3 (front-centre) and 2 (front-right); the other three are back-row players occupying positions 5 (back-left), 6 (back-centre) and 1 (back-right).

7.4.2 Relative positions between players: each back-row player must be positioned further back from the centre line than the corresponding front-row player; the front-row players and the back-row players, respectively, must be positioned laterally in the order indicated in Rule 7.4.1.

7.4.3 The positions of players are determined and controlled according to the positions of their feet contacting the ground as follows: each front-row player must have at least a part of his/her foot closer to the centre line than the feet of the corresponding back-row player; each right (left) side player must have at least a part of his/her foot closer to the right (left) sideline than the feet of the centre player in that row.7.4.4 After the service hit, the players may move around and occupy any position on their court and the free zone.


7.5.1 The team commits a positional fault, if any player is not in his/her correct position at the moment the ball is hit by the server. This includes when a player is on court through illegal substitution.

7.5.2 If the server commits a serving fault at the moment of the service hit, the server’s fault is counted before a positional fault.

7.5.3 If the service becomes faulty after the service hit, it is the positional fault that will be counted.

7.5.4 A positional fault leads to the following consequences: the team is sanctioned with a point and service to the opponent; players’ positions must be rectified.


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