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EuroVolley 2017 W, LIVE BLOG: Serbia win gold medal, Tijana Bošković MVP

by WoV

Only two days left until the first match at the European Women's Championship. Will powerful Russia preserve the throne? Maybe some new team will make a real surprise? Find out in our women's EuroVolley 2017 Live Blog!

EuroVolley 2017

EuroVolley 2017

There are 16 teams that will participate at the European Championship in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The teams are divided into four groups:

Pool A – Baku: Azerbaijan, Germany, Poland, Hungary

Pool B – Tbilisi: Georgia, Italy, Croatia, Belarus

Pool C – Baku: Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine

Pool D – Ganja/Göygöl: Serbia, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic

Check out the schedule of the tournament (22 September – 1 October).

The information about EuroVolley (W) will be updated several times per day. You will have a chance to read much news about the teams, to watch interesting videos and to see some photos.


October 1:

21:18 CET – Serbia’s head coach Terzic – “We almost didn’t provide any opponent with an opportunity to beat us – and because of this, I’m very proud of my team.”

19:36 CET – CEV announced EuroVolley Dream Team and gave the MVP award to Tijana Bošković.

19:05 CET – Serbia win the gold medal, not losing a game throughout entire tournament!

16:04 CET – Turkey claim the bronze medal as they beat Azerbaijan and silenced Baku crowd.

10:33 CET – Is this the biggest fail of EuroVolley?

09:45 CET – Guidetti – “Serbia’s volleyball is on antother level, we are not ready for it yet”

09:00 CETCoach Terzic says that Serbia is better team than Turkey at the moment

September 30:

23:25 CET – Azerbaijan’s duo of stars Rahimova and Mammadova sid the same after losing to the Dutch NT: “We must now prepare for the bronze medal match”.

22:14 CET – Sloetjes praised Baku crowd for making a great atmosphere in the gym for the semis, Morrison explained how he motivated his team for the tie-break.

20:36 CET – Serbia became the second EuroVolley finalist after running over Turkey.

18:35 CET – The Netherlands secured themselves a battle for gold medal as they prevailed in grueling semifinal encounter vs. Azerbaijan

15:00 CET – Italian coach Giovanni Guidetti will play his fifth consecutive semifinal at the European Championship; Germany (2009, 2011, 2013), the Netherlands (2015) and today with Turkey. Until now he won three silver medals (2011, 2013, 2015).

September 29:

22:30 CET –                      Semifinals

The Netherlands – Azerbaijan                         16:00 CET (18:00 local time)

Serbia – Turkey                                               18:30 (20.30)

20:50 CET – Konstantin Ushakov, head coach of Russia after defeat from Turkey said: “I do not have any words and there is nothing I can say about this match.” 

20:40 CET – Turkey took the last spot in the semifinals

18:00 CET – Azerbaijan after 12 years in semifinal

10:00 CET – Huge block for the end of Serbia-Belarus game

09:02 CET – Belarus coach says that Serbia’s attack was very effective

September 28:

20:50 CET – Last point in the quarterfinal match Serbia – Belarus

20:05 CET – Serbia second semifinalists 

17:35 CET – The Dutch girls in the semifinals – Italy go home

14:16 CET – Italy’s coach Mazzanti uses the strangest volleyball coaching board in the world…

10:14 CET – Bulgaria’s coach Dimitrov revealed that two key players of his team were ill before the Playoff encounter vs. Germany.

08:32 CET – Germany’s head coach Koslowski elated after his team prevailed in the Playoff tie-break drama vs. Bulgaria: “What an amazing job the girls did! I think I’m the proudest person in Baku today.”

September 27:

23:40 CET – These are pairs for the quarterfinals of the EuroVolley



21:02 CET – Germany grab last ticket for the quarterfinals!

18:33 CET – Turkey will play in the quarterfinals!’

12:55 CET – Best scorers of EuroVolley 2017

1              Malwina SMARZEK (POL)                           78 points (6,5 per set)

2              Paola EGONU (ITA)                                   76 (6,33)

3              Katarina BARUN ŠUŠNJAR (CRO)               76 (4,47)

4              Polina RAHIMOVA (AZE)                            73 (7,3)

5              Samanta FABRIS (CRO)                            73 (4,29)…


September 26:

23:00 CET – And Serbia came to Baku

21:02 CET – Belarus’ coach knows what is needed against Serbia

20:03 CET – The Dutch girls – too fast and too furious! 

17:33 CET – Amazing comeback of Belarus to claim quarterfinal

12:00 CET – Serbia on their way to Baku

09:21 CET – The head coach of Turkey, Guidetti, shone with happiness after advancing to the Playoffs: “This is our tournament!”

08:29 CET – Russia’s head coach Ushakov commented on the hard work of his team in the preliminary stage: “We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this result.”

September 25:

23:00 CET – All 1/8 finals are well known and four teams from the quarterfinals are waiting for their rivals:



22:00 CET – Turkey survive, Ukraine go home!

20:01 CET – Azerbaijan will play in the quarterfinals!

16:13 CET – Russia became the quarter-final participant No.3.

13:51 CET – Croatia’s coach had another interesting press conference appearance, withdrawing a proposal he has sent to the CEV yesterday.

13:00 CET – Poland’s coach Nawrocki said his team had to play a bit “crazy” against the rivals like Azerbaijan

September 24:

22:00 CET – Germany stay in race for quarterfinals!

21:00 CET – After Serbia, Italy is the second team to claim ticket for quarterfinals

19:22 CET – Polina Rahimova leads Azerbaijan to the huge win over Poland

18:09 CET – Serbia defeat Belgium to advance to the quarterfinals

17:03 CET – Belarus destroy the host

16:00 CET – Bulgaria prevail over Turkey!

12:13 CET – Croatia’s head coach Lovrinov suggested CEV shorten the matches and help his national team…

11:02 CET – This is the moment when Turkey’s coach Guidetti was sent off in the game vs. Russia (VIDEO)

09:33 CET – Belgium’s middle blocker Freya Aelbrecht stated that her team lost the most important game in the tournament.

08:39 CET – When Serbia’s head coach Terzic praises his players he always keeps at least a bit of criticism…

September 23:

22:00 CET – Russian win derby against Turkey!

20:01 CET – Serbia victorious again!

19:10 CET – Belarus steal one set from Italy

18:33 CET – Poland defeat Hungary in four sets!

17:52 CET – Czech girls push Belgium toward the edge

17:01 CET – Important victory for Croatia

16:03 CET – Another good display of Ukraine, still not enough for the win

10:00 CETRobin De Kruijf due to injury still out of the court

September 22:

22:01 CET – Fantastic Malwina Smarzek led Poland to a five-set win vs. Germany

20:30 CET – The Netherlands downed Belgium, Belarus shocked Croatia

19:09 CET – Azerbaijan thrilled home crowd with victory over Hungary

19:00 CET – Italy and Serbia achieved straight-set wins

16:22 CET – Ukraine prevented upset against Ukraine in the opener

12:00 CET – Bahar Toksoy belives that Turkey will win gold medal

10:00 CET – EuroVolley on TV in 119 countries 

08:45 CET – Roster of Azerbaijan at EuroVolley 2017

08:00 CET – Uslupehlivan wants to become EuroVolley champion! 

September 21:

21:24 CET – Georgian NT head coach reveals the squad

20:16 CET – This is the roster of Hungary, 13 players only

18:33 CET – Italian NT receiver Lucia Bosetti doubtful for tournament opener vs. Georgia

15:12 CET – This is what captain of Belarus thinks about the upcoming tournament

13:02 CET – Fenerbahce’s star has talked about the EuroVolley

11:30 CET – Morrison chose 14 players for European Championship

10:35 CET – Yesterday the libero of the Russiam National team Svetlana Kryuchkova missed the first training in Baku because of the high temperature

September 20:

20:20 CET – Bulgaria have announced the roster

17:00 CET – Russia will play at EuroVolley with these 14 players:

Setters: Ekaterina Kosianenko Pankova, Irina Filishtinskaya Uraleva

Middle blockers: Ekaterina Evdokimova, Ekaterina Efimova, Irina Koroleva, Irina Fetisova

Receivers: Tatiana Kosheleva, Mariya Frolova, Irina Voronkova, Kseniia Parubets, Yana Shcherban

Opposites: Nataliya Goncharova

Liberos: Svetlana Kryuchkova, Ekaterina Tretyakova

16:00 CET – Belarus chose 14 players for Pool in Tbilisi

15:33 CET – This is the squad of Belgium for EuroVolley

13:30 CET – Pool D | Ganja, all teams present

Pool D

Pool D

12:15 CET – Ukraine without Olesya Rykhliuk

11:20 CET – Croatia at EuroVolley 2017:

Setters: Ana Grbac, Marcella Šaini

Opposites: Samanta Fabris, Katarina Barun-Šušnjar, Katarina Luketić

Middle blockers: Ivana Miloš-Prokopić, Ema Strunjak, Beta Dumančić, Bernarda Ćutuk

Receivers: Matea Ikić, Lucija Mlinar, Nika Stanović

Liberos: Nikolina Božičević, Rene Sain

10:45 CET – Aneta Havlíčková will lead the Czech Republic at EuroVolley (FULL LIST)

10:00 CET – The roster of Turkey for the 2017 CEV Women’s European Champs

Setters: Naz Aydemir Akyol and Gamze Alikaya

Opposites: Polen Uslupehlivan and Meryem Boz

Middle blockers: Bahar Toksoy Guidetti, Eda Erdem Dündar and Kübra Çalışkan

Receivers: Gözde Kırdar Bracceschi, Güldeniz Önal, Neriman Özsoy Gençyürek and Hande Baladın

Liberos: Simge Şebnem Aköz, Gizem Örge Güner and Merve Dalbeler

09:15 CET – Serbian NT head coach Terzić reveals roster, Rašić recovers

09:00 CET – Polish 14 players for EuroVolley

Setters: Joanna Wolosz, Marlena Pleśnierowicz

Receivers: Patrycja Polak, Natalia Murek, Roksana Brzóska, Julia Twardowska, Martyna Grajber

Middle blockers: Agnieszka Kąkolewska, Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska, Maja Tokarska

Opposites: Malwina Smarzek, Monika Bociek

Liberos: Agata Witkowska, Aleksandra Krzos

08:30 CET –  Koslowski chose 14 German players

08:00 CET – These players will represent Italy at EuroVolley.


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