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RIO 2016 VOLLEYBALL LIVE BLOG: China and Brazil won gold medals!

by WoV

Follow latest volleyball news, statements, photos, stats, videos and history facts about the Rio Olympics, both men's and women's tournaments, in our LIVE BLOG.

Volleyball Live Blog

Volleyball Live Blog

The 31st Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 10,000 athletes will be competing in this Brazilian city, hosting 207 nations. 

There will be 306 events in 28 sports! Among all of these are two volleyball tournaments – both men’s and women’s! We created this blog to make sure you get all the information about the countries that will compete at the volleyball tournaments in Rio.

The information will be updated several times daily.

Check out the schedule of men’s tournament and women’s tournament as well. Rosters of the teams you can find below. Also, see all teams ROSTERS for the Olympic Games.

SUNDAY (21/08)

21:11 CET – Congratulations to medal winners – Brazil GOLD, Italy SILVER and USA BRONZE!

20:05 CET – Brazil is the new Olympic champion!



17:04 CET – USA claim bronze medal after amazing turnaround versus Russia.

14:03 CET – Zhu Ting takes MVP award at the Olympic Games

12:11 CET – Congratulations to medal winners – China GOLD, Serbia SILVER and USA BRONZE!

Serbia China USA

Serbia China USA

09:30 CET – Lang Ping – “I didn’t have strength to jump and cheer”

08:40 CET – Terzic – “Historic success for Serbia”

05:00 CET – 1984, 2004… 2016! China win their 3rd Olympic gold!

SATURDAY (20/08)

00:00 CET – Brazil vs. Italy. Who will break the curse? (VIDEO)

22:00 CET – Kiraly – “I am pleased and proud”

21:30 CET – Guidetti – “I am extremely proud, this team has a great future”

20:00 CET – The bronze belongs to the USA!

18:41 CET – Russia NT head coach Alekno blames referees for defeat in semifinals against Brazil.



17:19 CET – See results of our Poll regarding Rio 2016 winners.

13:56 CET – MUST SEE! Zaytsev’s 3 aces in row which helped Italy winning the set.

12:01 CET – The last point of Italy – USA match.

08:55 CET – Coach Bernardo Rezende said that his son Bruno played brilliant game

08:10 CET – The fifth finals for the Brazilian team, Russia will fight for bronze medal

FRIDAY (19/08)

20:45 CET – Italy advance to Olympic finals after amazing fight against USA!

19:35 CET – You don’t need to rub your eyes, the score you see is REAL! USA demolished Italy in the third set.



19:23 CET – Italian players made an unseen pressure on referee in semis vs. USA and it was worth it – he changed his call.

18:38 CET – Spiridonov and Wrona continue their war on social networks.

11:34 CET – Lucarelli to miss today’s game?

10:00 CET – Vladimir Grbic has reminded us on his famous roar, that he used to perform during his career. He performed it again, after Serbian side beat USA in the semis

09:10 CET – Lang Ping comments on the upcoming game vs Serbia – “I hope it will be a different outcome now”

08:40 CET – Check out the men’s schedule for today:


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 19. 08. 2016 13:00 – 18:00 CET Italy vs USA 0:0      
Semifinal 2 19. 08. 2016 22:15 – 03:15 CET (20.08) Russia vs Brazil 0:0      

05:00 CET – China will fight for a gold medal after beating the Dutch team in four sets

THURSDAY (18/08)

21:02 CET – Last point and celebration of Serbian ladies

20:10 CET – Serbia will fight for the gold medal at the 31st Olympic Games!

18:44 CET – Mihajlovic’s superb pipe against USA

15:34 CET – Women’s semifinals – schedule:


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 18. 08. 2016 13:00 Serbia ( W ) vs USA ( W ) 0:0      
Semifinal 2 18. 08. 2016 22:15 China ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 0:0      

08:45 CET – Ivan Zaytsev ties Olympic serving speed record

05:30 CET – Brazil will face Russia in semis after beating Argentina in quarterfinal

03:55 CET – Conte bad fell in the first set but by the end he back in the game

Facundo Conte


01:03 CET – We have seen a third sweep in the quarterfinals – Italy outclassed Iran.


23:27 CET – US coach Speraw – “Winning 3-0 against Poland, as good as they are, is really remarkable.” Antiga – “Service was our worst element…” Read full statements here.



22:23 CET – Alekno not satisfied with the treatment his players have at the Olympics…

21:34 CET – Is there a third retirement from Brazil NT on a horizon?

20:52 CET – USA demolished world champions Poland in quarterfinals!

19:56 CET – The US Basketball National Team, aka the „Dream Team“, found an interesting way to relax before their 2016 Rio Olympics quarterfinals versus Argentina. Kevin Durant & Co. were caught on camera while playing beach volleyball at the Copacabana beach.

19:35 CET – Brazilian receiver Gabi posted an emotional message on Instagram after her team was eliminated by China.

18:55 CET – Russia’s captain Tetyukhin presented something that can be easily called a conspiracy theory.

18:03 CET – One of the most painful points in Rio so far

17:25 CET – US NT receiver Jordan Larson explains how her team managed to eliminate Japan.

16:49 CET – Canada’s dreams come to an end – Russia blow away maple leaf

16:20 CET – What did Bruno and Ngapeth say to each other…? (VIDEO)

13:00 CET – “USA is also a difficult opponent like Russia, but very different. Russia depends mostly on two players and United States play more like a team. They play much, much faster so we have to prepare for an absolutely different game.” said Zoran Terzić, coach of Serbia.

12:10- CET – Irina Voronkova felt the power of Tijana Bošković (VIDEO)

11:00 CET – “I now how many people have been supporting us during this tournament. I am sorry for our game. Still, no matter how did we look from the outside, believe me, we gave our soul. There are many difficult moments in life and this is one of them. It is called sport. Honestly, I still cannot believe that this actually happened,” concluded Kosheleva.

10:00 CET – Sheilla and Fabiana said goodbye to the national team

09:15 CET – The Olympic champions are OU! China eliminated Brazil!

00:30 CET – FAST & FURIOUS! Amazing Serbia crushed Russia in straight sets!

TUESDAY (16/08)

23:30 CET – Maja Ognjenović outsmarted the entire Russian team! (VIDEO)

21:45 CET – Japanese players could not hold back the tears after being eliminated from Rio Olympics (PHOTO)

20:30 CET – USA complete sweep against Japan and progress to semis

19:50 CET – She gave her best, but it was not enough (PHOTO)

19:00 CET – Guidetti – “It was the most important match of our careers”

18:30 CET – Ngapeth accuses Italian players they didn’t give their best against Canada!

17:44 CET – Matteo Piano’s participation at Rio Olympics is over?

17:00 CET – HISTORY! The Netherlands are in the semis!

16:04 CET – See the last point of Canada – Italy match which took North American side to the first ever Olympics quarterfinal.

15:20 CET – Ngapeth and Bruno create one of the most emotional moments so far in volleyball tournament.

14:59 CET – Canada NT players claim they will not settle for advancing to the quarter-finals.

12:25 CET – A voice of Iranian female fans was heard even in Rio de Janeiro. During pool stage of Men’s Volleyball tournament at the Olympics, an Iranian girl was holding a banner with a message intended to the authority in Iran: „Let Iranian women enter their stadiums“.



Recall that after several years some women were allowed to watch a sport game (and it was a volleyball game) in July, but allegedly those were not regular female supporters but ladies who were employed in Iran’s Volleyball Federation.

12:00 CET – Ngapeth’s masterpieve for the end of Olympic journey

11:10 CET – Huge disappointment of TeamYavbou players, even Le Goff cried 

10:31 CET – Last point and celebration of Brazil

10:05 CET – Schedule of the quarterfinals games at the women’s tournament


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Quarterfinal 1 16. 08. 2016 10:00 – 15:00 CET South Korea ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 0:0      
Quarterfinal 2 16. 08. 2016 14:00 – 19:00 CET Japan ( W ) vs USA ( W ) 0:0      
Quarterfinal 3 16. 08. 2016 18:00 – 23:00 CET Russia ( W ) vs Serbia ( W ) 0:0      
Quarterfinal 4 16. 08. 2016 22:15 – 03:35 CET (17.08) Brazil ( W ) vs China ( W ) 0:0      

09:45 CET – Bernardo Rezende says that they were under tremendeous pressure

09:15 CET – Interesting statement of Tillie – “I would like to be in the place of Canada”

08:00 CET – Here are the quarterfinal pairs of the men’s volleyball tournament

Men's bracket

Men’s bracket

07:01 CET – Brazil will play in quarterfinals, France are going home

04:33 CET – Canada downed Italy to clinch quarterfinal spot

MONDAY (15/08)

09:20 CET – Four teams will fight for three tickets at the men’s Rio volleyball tournament – Brazil, France, USA and Canada. Here is the schedule for the last round of preliminary phase:


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
13th game 15. 08. 2016 11:35 – 16:35 CET USA vs Mexico 0:0      
14th game 15. 08. 2016 20:30 – 01:30 CET (16.08) Italy vs Canada 0:0      
15th game 15. 08. 2016 22:35 – 03:35 CET (16.08) Brazil vs France 0:0      


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
13th game 15. 08. 2016 09:30 – 14:30 CET Argentina vs Egypt 0:0      
14th game 15. 08. 2016 15:00 – 20:00 CET Russia vs Iran 0:0      
15th game 15. 08. 2016 17:05 – 22:05 CET Poland vs Cuba 0:0      

08:29 CET – The quarterfinal pairs of the women’s Rio volleyball tournament have been determined:



07:33 CET – Brazilian girls smashed Russia to keep the perfecto score!

03:13 CET – Japan downed Argentina to take last quarterfinal spot

SUNDAY (14/08)

23:58 CET – USA claim the top spot in Group B!

21:30 CET – A lot of Serbian fans got worried that Brankica Mihajlovic might be injured, as she did not play at the match against Netherlands. Luckily, that is not the case. Serbian player is fine and ready for the quarterfinals.

“No, I am not injured. It was coach’s decision not to put me on the court at the match against Netherlands. The big strength of our team is that we have 12 excellent players in the roster. Everything is just fine, and I am looking forward to the quarterfinals,” said Mihajlovic for the Serbian media. 

21:20 CET – Win for the end – Italy defeated Puerto Rico. 

18:00 CET – Korea ran over Cameroon and clinched 3rd place in Group A.

16:45 CET – Netherlands beat Serbia, many things are now clear in Group B.

13:17 CET – The best photo so far in Rio!



11:22 CET – Legendary Brazilian player Giba was attending game between Brazil and Italy



10:10 CET – Today’s schedule of the women’s tournament. The ladies will play the last round of the group stage. In Pool A, Japan and Argentina will meet each other and the winners will advance to the next round. We also have a derby for the top spot, Brazil – Russia.

In Pool B, USA, China, Serbia and Netherlands are the teams that will play in quarterfinals. But, Serbian and Dutch team will fight for the second place, as they want to avoid Brazil and Russia in quarterfinals…


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
13th game 14. 08. 2016 11:35 South Korea ( W ) vs Cameroon ( W ) 0:0      
14th game 14. 08. 2016 20:30 Japan ( W ) vs Argentina ( W ) 0:0      
15th game 14. 08. 2016 22:35 Brazil ( W ) vs Russia ( W ) 0:0      


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
13th game 14. 08. 2016 09:30 Serbia ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 0:0      
14th game 14. 08. 2016 15:00 Italy ( W ) vs Puerto Rico ( W ) 0:0      
15th game 14. 08. 2016 17:05 USA ( W ) vs China ( W ) 0:0      

07:00 CET – Italy stay perfect even after game with Brazil!

04:00 CET – Canada score easy victory over Mexico

00:45 CET – USA beat France and pushed them into serious trouble

SATURDAY (13/08)

22:15 CET – Kurek’s 36 points were not enough, Russia beat Poland!

18:00 CET – No Conte, but no problems. Argentina advance to the knockout stage.

16:15 CET – Second win in a row and Iran are in the quarterfinals!


Game Date/Time Teams Set LIVE STREAM
10th game 13. 08. 2016 17:05 (22:05 CET) USA vs France 0:0  
11th game 13. 08. 2016 20:30 (01:30 CET) Canada vs Mexico 0:0  
12th game 13. 08. 2016 22:35 (03:35 CET) Brazil vs Italy 0:0  


Game Date/Time Teams Set LIVE STREAM
10th game 13. 08. 2016 09:30 (14:30 CET) Iran vs Egypt 0:0  
11th game 13. 08. 2016 11:35 (16:35 CET) Argentina vs Cuba 0:0  
12th game 13. 08. 2016 15:00 (20:00 CET) Poland vs Russia 0:0  

11:35 CET – New Olympic records for fastest serve

11:00 CET – Brazil destroyed Korea in three sets

10:00 CET – Russia crushed Japan

08:30 CET – Sloetjes led Netherlands to the new victory

FRIDAY (12/08)

21:00 CET – Ace that made Argentine commentator go crazy (VIDEO)

20:00 CET – Argentina prevailed over Cameroon.

16:54 CET – Meanwhile in the Italian dressing room… (VIDEO)

16:00 CET – Brilliant performance of Boskovic and Mihajlovic, Serbia down China.

14:30 CET – Brazilian stars watched match Brazil vs USA

Brazilian stars

Brazilian stars


Game Date/Time Teams Set Live Stream
10th game 12. 08. 2016 11:35 (16:35 CET) Argentina ( W ) vs Cameroon ( W ) 0:0  
11th game 12. 08. 2016 20:30 (01:30 CET) Russia ( W ) vs Japan ( W ) 0:0  
12th game 12. 08. 2016 22:35 (03:35 CET) Brazil ( W ) vs South Korea ( W ) 0:0  


Game Date/Time Teams Set Live Stream
10th game 12. 08. 2016 09:30 (14:30 CET) China ( W ) vs Serbia ( W ) 0:0  
11th game 12. 08. 2016 15:00 (20:00 CET) USA ( W ) vs Italy ( W ) 0:0  
12th game 12. 08. 2016 17:05 (22:05 CET) The Netherlands ( W ) vs Puerto Rico ( W ) 0:0  

09:00 CET – USA scored the first victory at OG, they defeated Brazil 

08:30 CET – Italy without mercy against Mexico

THURSDAY (11/08)

23:45 CET – Ngapeth could not be stopped, France beat Canada. 

22:20 CET – Chest save, block-out, Poland win! Bartosz Kurek is hero of the day!

21:40 CET – Poland beat Argentina and advance to quarterfinals.

20:00 CET – Russia break 3 Olympic records!

18:30 CET – This is why Iranian players got angry at Michal Kubiak (VIDEO)

17:45 CET – Russia had no mercy over Egypt.

17:00 CET – Klos hit Ghaemi right in his… (VIDEO)

16:00 CET – Historic win of Iran! 

14:30 CET – All Rio 2016 volleyball matches on WorldofVolley. Download and watch them!

14:00 CET – Argentine defense will remember attack of Kim Yeon-Koung.

13:00 CET – Serbian captain Maja Ognjenovic was honest after the match


Game Date/Time Teams Set Live Stream
7th game 11. 08. 2016 17:05 (22:05 CET) Canada vs France 0:3 REPORT
8th game 11. 08. 2016 20:30 (01:30 CET) Italy vs Mexico 3:0 REPORT 
9th game 11. 08. 2016 22:35 (03:35 CET) Brazil vs USA 1:3 REPORT 


Game Date/Time Teams Set Live Stream
7th game 11. 08. 2016 09:30 (14:30 CET) Iran vs Cuba 3:0 REPORT
8th game 11. 08. 2016 11:35 (16:35 CET) Russia vs Egypt 3:0 REPORT
9th game 11. 08. 2016 15:00 (20:00 CET) Poland vs Argentina 3:0 REPORT

08:55 CET – Brazil outplayed Japan and took ticket for quarterfinals

08:20 CET – South Korea one step closer to quarterfinals


23:52 CET – Take a look at the spectacular point celebration of Cameroonian girls



23:23 CET – Russia take 3-0 victory against Cameroon!

21:59 CET – INJURY UPDATE: Emanuele Birarelli

20:21 CET – USA are the leaders in Pool B! They beat Serbia in the third round

18:00 CET – Dutch team easily smashed Italy in straight sets

16:10 CETChina earned victory against Puerto Rico

15:40 CET – Poland’s captain Michal Kubiak spoke about the incident that occurred after the end of the match against Iran.

13:00 CET – Photo of the Day 2 at the Olympic Games 

Father and Son Rezende

Father and Son Rezende


Game Date/Time Teams Set LIVE STREAM
7th game 10. 08. 2016 17:05 (22:05 CET) Russia ( W ) vs Cameroon ( W ) 3:0 REPORT
8th game 10. 08. 2016 20:30 (01:30 CET) South Korea ( W ) vs Argentina ( W ) 3:0 REPORT
9th game 10. 08. 2016 22:35 (03:35 CET) Brazil ( W ) vs Japan ( W ) 3:0 REPORTS 



Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set
7th game 10. 08. 2016 09:30 (14:30 CET) China ( W ) vs Puerto Rico ( W ) 3:0 REPORT
8th game 10. 08. 2016 11:35 (16:30 CET) Italy ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 0:3 REPORT
9th game 10. 08. 2016 15:00 (20:00 CET) USA ( W ) vs Serbia ( W ) 3:1 REPORT

09:50 CET – “I can’t comment right now about the extension of the injury. I hope it is not serious, but again we have to wait and see how he is next morning.” said Emanuele Birarelli.

08:50 CET – Historic victory of Egypt, the first ever on OG

08:20 CET – Hosts scored another victory at OG

03:05 CT – Another big brawl between Poland and Iran (VIDEO)

01:30 CET – Poland won tie-break match against Iran

TUESDAY (09/08)

22:13 CET – Injury blow hit Italy! Emanule Birarelli picked up an injury. We will try to find out is it serious injury or not…

Emanuele Birarelli

Emanuele Birarelli

18:00 CET – France have earned first victory in Rio!

16:40 CET – Argentina down Olympic Champions at the Day 2 opening!

16:05 CET – Kubiak has a message for the Polish fans. Other teams won’t like his statement

14:00 CET – Today’s schedule of the men’s volleyball Olympic tournament:


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result
4th game 09. 08. 2016 11:35, (16:35 CET) France vs Mexico 0:0  
5th game 09. 08. 2016 15:00, (20:00 CET) Italy vs USA 0:0  
6th game 09. 08. 2016 22:35, (10.08. – 03:35 CET) Brazil vs Canada 0:0  



Game Date/Time Teams Set Result
4th game 09. 08. 2016 09:30, (14:30 CET) Russia vs Argentina 0:0  
5th game 09. 08. 2016 17:05, (22:05 CET) Poland vs Iran 0:0  
6th game 09. 08. 2016 20:30, (10.08. – 01:30 CET) Cuba vs Egypt 0:0  


12:00 CET – Maret Balkestein – Grothues injured the right ankle

09:00 CET – Brazil too strong for Argentina in Pool B

08:00 CET – Russian women’s volleyball team stayed unbeaten at Olympic Games

MONDAY (08/08)

00:00 CET – Serbia lead the race in Group B.

23:00 CET – Check this out – Larson scored with her HEAD! (VIDEO)

22:15 CET – Spectacular volleyball! USA defeated Netherlands after 5 sets!

21:00 CET – Earthquake in Rio? No, it was just Facundo Conte! (VIDEO)

20:00 CET – Good news for Rezende – Saatkamp should play in Round 2

19:00 CET – Ivan Zaytsev after Italy defeated France – “We were tired of their smiles and provocations”

18:00 CET – Japan bounced back with convincing win over Cameroon.

17:00 CET – That “touch” by Michal Kubiak… (VIDEO)

16:05 CET – China downed Italy in straight sets!

15:33 CET – What is the biggest motivation for Gavin Schmitt? 

For me the motivation to be performing is this right here (pointing to the Canadian flag on his jersey). We’re here to represent Canada and we all want to represent our country well, and we want to prove that we can compete with anybody and we can beat anybody. We are just here to make Canada proud, and play well and get some wins,” says Schmitt.



14:14 CET – Live stream links on WorldofVolley – Day 2, women’s tournament

11:02 CET – Tetyukhin officially recorded sixth apperance at the Olympic Games. Read what he said about volleyball

09:35 CET – Speraw says that he is dissapointed after the loss against Canada

08:30 CET – Argentina downed Iran in straight sets, domination of Facundo Conte

08:17 CET – Cuba managed to steal one set from the reigning champions

08:00 CET – Here is the schedule for the women’s tournament, day 2:


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 06. 08. 2016 09:30 Japan ( W ) vs South Korea ( W ) 1:3 25:19; 15:25; 17:25; 21:25    
2nd game 06. 08. 2016 15:00 Brazil ( W ) vs Cameroon ( W ) 3:0 25:14; 25:21; 25:13    
3rd game 06. 08. 2016 20:30 Russia ( W ) vs Argentina ( W ) 3:0 25:13; 25:10; 25:17    
4th game 08. 08. 2016 11:35 Japan ( W ) vs Cameroon ( W ) 3:0 25:20, 25:15, 25:17     
5th game 08. 08. 2016 20:30 Russia ( W ) vs South Korea ( W ) 3:1 25:23, 23:25, 25:23, 25:14     
6th game 08. 08. 2016 22:35 Brazil ( W ) vs Argentina ( W ) 3:0 25:16, 25:19, 25:11     


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 06. 08. 2016 11:35 China ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 2:3 23:25; 25:21; 25:18; 22:25; 13:15    
2nd game 06. 08. 2016 17:05 USA ( W ) vs Puerto Rico ( W ) 3:0 25:17; 25:22; 25:17    
3rd game 06. 08. 2016 22:35 Serbia ( W ) vs Italy ( W ) 3:0 27:25; 25:20; 25:23    
4th game 08. 08. 2016 09:30 China ( W ) vs Italy ( W ) 3:0 25:21, 25:21, 25:16     
5th game 08. 08. 2016 15:00 USA ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 3:2 18:25; 25:18; 21:25; 25:20; 15:8     
6th game 08. 08. 2016 17:05 Serbia ( W ) vs Puerto Rico ( W ) 3:0 29:27, 25:18, 25:20     

SUNDAY (07/08)

22:20 CET – Pawel Zatorski could have made the save of the day, but… (VIDEO)

21:15 CET – Poland scored an easy win against Egypt, injury ruined the match.

20:30 CET – The moment when whole Italy got worried. Ivan Zaytsev suffered a minor ankle injury, but he remained on the court until the end of the game. Stay strong Tzar!


19:00 CET – Slow start, strong finish. Brazil downed Mexico. 

17:30 CET – Big heart of Osmany Juantorena! Check out this incredible save… (VIDEO)

16:45 CET – Ekaterina Kosianenko sets the new Olympic record!

16:00 CET – DOMINATION! Italy ran over France!

14:30 CET – Here you can find live stream links for the men’s tournament

12:41 CET – Men’s tournament schedule Day 1

10:31 CET – The girl who scored 8 aces against Argentina, Ekaterina Kosianenko: “I am very happy with the victory over Argentina. All the players are trying to catch their rhythm and played well today. I hope we can win the tournament and love the atmosphere in the stadium. Our goal is to win the gold medal and satisfy the expectations.

Paula Nizetich, captain of Argentina: I agree with our coach Guillo. I don-t think we showed our real level. We are better than that. Playing our first match affected us today. I hope we can improve for the next match that will be against Brazil.

07:34 CET – Serbia down Italy in straight sets as well

03:40 CET – Russia open tournament with 3-0 win over Argentina

SATURDAY (06/08)

23:45 CET – USA had an easy job against Puerto Rico

23:25 CET – Brazilian volleyball star Thaisa Menezes will almost certainly miss the 2nd round at the Rio volleyball tournament as well. Recall that she is still recovering from calf injury. 

23:00 CET –  Jose Roberto Guimaraes, Coach of Brazil: “I was concerned that the anxiety of the team might cause some injury and that almost happened in the second set when Sheilla and Fabiana collided. We played well in the first and third set, while in the second Cameroon showed how much they improved, especially players with number 2 (Tchoudjang) and number 6 (Moma).”

22:30 CET – Sloetjes show! This is how Netherlands defeated Brazil (VIDEO).

22:00 CET – Brazil crushed Cameroon, Thaisa did not play. 

21:00 CET – WOW! Marvelous point by Qiuyue Wei! (VIDEO)

19:20 CET – Orange celebration in Rio – Netherlands defeated China!

16:30 CET – Kim scored 30 points in the opening match, South Korea defeated Japan!

13:08 CET – Shahram Mahmoudi with a very emotional message to his son!

12:01 CET – How did you manage to do that, Laurent?

10:15 CET – Pool A is going to be very uncertain, confirm all coaches

09:44 CET – Coaches in Pool B commented on the upocoming tournament

09:02 CET – The FIVB president Ary Graca prasise magnificent Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony

I would like to first express my deepest admiration for Carlos Arthur Nuzman and the rest of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for staging the most magnificent Opening Ceremony.  As a Brazilian, it was a privilege to experience such a wonderful moment in my country’s history and it was the perfect way to get the Olympic party started! I am incredibly honoured and humbled to be President of the FIVB at a home Olympic Games and I am very excited for the volleyball and beach volleyball competitions to begin. In Brazil, we say football is a religion but volleyball is the number one sport and these Games provide an opportunity for us to harness the Brazilian passion and enthusiasm for volleyball to inspire the rest of the world.

08:33 CET – Japan and South Kore will open the tournament first. See schedule below

FRIDAY (05/08)

23:00 CET – Here is the schedule for the women’s tournament!

MAIN ROUND – 10 / POOL A – 5 / –

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 06. 08. 2016 09:30 – (14:30 CET) Japan ( W ) vs South Korea ( W ) 0:0      
2nd game 06. 08. 2016 15:00 – (20:00 CET) Brazil ( W ) vs Cameroon ( W ) 0:0      
3rd game 06. 08. 2016 20:30 – (07.08. – 01:30 CET) Russia ( W ) vs Argentina ( W ) 0:0      

MAIN ROUND – 10 / POOL B – 6 / –

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 06. 08. 2016 11:35 – (16:35 CET) China ( W ) vs The Netherlands ( W ) 0:0      
2nd game 06. 08. 2016 17:05 – (22:05 CET) USA ( W ) vs Puerto Rico ( W ) 0:0      
3rd game 06. 08. 2016 22:35 – (07.08. – 3:35 CET) Serbia ( W ) vs Italy ( W ) 0:0      

19:44 CET – Bernardo wanted to replace one player in the squad, but Sidao refuses his invitation!

19:04 CET – Check out the biggest female volleyball stars at Rio Olympics

18:23 CET – France hit with the injury blow!

17:43 CET – These are the biggest volleyball stars that will play at the Olympic Games in Rio!

Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

16:23 CET – Kubiak reveals what he is going to do first if Poland win gold medal

12:00 CET – Check which 10 female volleyball players are the tallest in Rio.

11:00 CET – Sergio dos Santos hopes to end his career with a medal in Rio

THURSDAY (04/08)

17:25 CET – Russia outplayed France in a friendly match, Maxim Mikhailov was the top scorer with 15 points. 

16:45 CET – Mateusz Mika felt the power of his own spike!

14:38 CET – Benjamin Toniutti – “We didn’t come here just to play”

13:25 CET – Natalia Pereira says that Brazil want to win third gold in a row at the Olympic games. Can they do that?

12:55 CET – Check which  ten volleyball giants are at Olympic Games (LIST)

12:34 CET – Ivan Zaytsev talks about the best setters that he has played with.

11:00 CET – Iranians were the happiest when they took a photo with the world’s No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic. They all put the same photo on their social network profiles

Iranian National team and Novak Djokovic

Iranian National team and Djokovic

10:50 CET – All players charge the batteries before the big happening in Rio



Piotr Mowakowski





22:00 CET – Poland’s players could not believe it – Check out this point of Yoandy Leal…

20:20 CET – Girls might be mad at him! Sivozhelez – “Women’s volleyball is quite boring”

19:30 CET – Thaisa suffered calf injury!

18:30 CET – Problems for China in Rio – No lights!

17:00 CET  – You HAVE TO see this brutal spike made by Michal Kubiak at the friendly match between Poland and Sada Cruziero.

13:05 CET – USA beat Italy in all 4 sets in pre-Olympic control match

08:45 CET – Serbia also arrived at the Olympic Village

Serbia in Rio

Serbia in Rio

TUESDAY (02/08)

21:45 CET – The U.S. players have met the number one world tennis player, Novak Djokovic

U.S. players & Novak Djokovic

U.S. players & Novak Djokovic

17:01 CET – Read the new blog of Nataliya Goncharova, she is not happy with behaviour of the athletes from the other countries

13:50 CET – Guidetti – Goncharova and Kosheleva are not from this world”

12:00 CET – Polish players have a very interesting game…

11:20 CET – USA women’s team head coach Karch Kiraly expects that Rio volleyball tournament will be the best in the history of this sport.

10:30 CET – Take a look at this monster block made by Luciano De Cecco at the friendly match bwtween Argentina and Mexico.


09:00 CET – Facu Conte returned on court!

MONDAY (01/08)

22:01 CET – Iranian players are exploring the Rio Olympic village

Iranian players

Iranian players

20:48 CET – Ivan Zaytsev – “We bought mops to clean the mess in the rooms”

18:58 CET – Here is the list of the young stars that will compete at the Rio Olympics!

15:56 CET – Gavin Schmitt says that his team is in group of death!

14:29 CET – The players of South Korea were involved in a bus accident

13:49 CET – A Chinese player has found a way how to fight against Zika virus! Mosquitoes, what you gonna do now?

Chinese girl

Chinese girl

11:30 CET – Argentina overcame Mexico 3-0 (25-12, 25-17, 25-18) in a warm-up match for the Olympic Games. Bruno Lima was the top scorer with 12 points.

SUNDAY (31/07)

20:55 CET – Partial draw for the Rio quarterfinals was released, 2012 London formula adopted again.

20:23 CET – Cuban-Brazilian big volleyball rivalry in mid-nineties culminated with a fight on the court in Atlanta 1996 semis.

18:03 CET – Brazil NT head coach Ze Roberto leaves the role of the main favorites to someone else…

17:54 CET – Legendary Brazil NT libero Serginho might carry national flag at Rio opening ceremony.

15:03 CET – The list of the oldest female volleyball players that will play in Rio!

14:00 CET – GREATEST VOLLEYBALL FINALS: The birth of Ivan the Terrible (VIDEO)

12:04 CET – Juantorena – “I changed the sports nationality, but…”

11:11 CET – Polish volleyball fan do not like the outfit that national team players are wearing during the training sessions. They even criticized the federation, saying that there is no sense to wear such jerseys without any of the national team colors. What do you think about this outfit of the Polish players? (photo by @parfjanowicz)



10:01 CET – If you ask Ivan Zaytsev, the tournament in Rio could begin right now…

08:44 CET – Mikhailov comments on the upcoming Olympic Games – “We are favorites too”

SATURDAY (30/07)

13:55 CET – Iran is ready for the Opening ceremony at the Olympic Games

Iran at Rio 2016


10:00 CET – Medalists from London 2012

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men’s indoor
Russia (RUS)
Nikolay Apalikov
Taras Khtey (captain)
Sergey Grankin
Sergey Tetyukhin
Aleksandr Sokolov
Yury Berezhko
Aleksandr Butko
Dmitriy Muserskiy
Dmitriy Ilinikh
Maxim Mikhaylov
Aleksandr Volkov
Aleksey Obmochaev
Brazil (BRA)
Bruno Rezende
Wallace de Souza
Sidnei dos Santos Júnior
Leandro Vissotto
Gilberto Godoy (captain)
Murilo Endres
Sérgio Santos
Thiago Soares Alves
Rodrigo Santana
Lucas Saatkamp
Ricardo Garcia
Dante Amaral
Italy (ITA)
Cristian Savani (captain)
Luigi Mastrangelo
Simone Parodi
Samuele Papi
Michal Lasko
Ivan Zaytsev
Dante Boninfante
Dragan Travica
Alessandro Fei
Emanuele Birarelli
Andrea Bari
Andrea Giovi
Women’s indoor
Brazil (BRA)
Fabiana Claudino (captain)
Dani Lins
Paula Pequeno
Adenízia da Silva
Thaísa Menezes
Jaqueline Carvalho
Fernanda Ferreira
Tandara Caixeta
Natália Pereira
Sheilla Castro
Fabiana de Oliveira
Fernanda Garay
United States (USA)
Danielle Scott-Arruda
Tayyiba Haneef-Park
Lindsey Berg (captain)
Tamari Miyashiro
Nicole Davis
Jordan Larson
Megan Hodge
Christa Harmotto
Logan Tom
Foluke Akinradewo
Courtney Thompson
Destinee Hooker
Japan (JPN)
Hitomi Nakamichi
Yoshie Takeshita
Mai Yamaguchi
Erika Araki (captain)
Kaori Inoue
Maiko Kano
Yuko Sano
Ai Otomo
Risa Shinnabe
Saori Sakoda
Yukiko Ebata
Saori Kimura

09:09 CET – The first ever gold at the Olympic Games Brazilian Women’s team won 2008 in Beijing after they beat USA in the final 3-1. That year China won the bronze. In the next edition of the Games in London Brazil did the same, beat USA in the final 3-1. This time Japan took the bronze. 

FRIDAY (29/07)

19:00 CET – They missed each other! Brankica Mihajlovic and Bernardo Rezende met in Rio after two years when they were in the same club Rexona/Ades. Brankica wrote on this photo: “More than happy to see you again. Rezende!”

Brankica and Rezende

Brankica and Rezende

15:44 CET – The story about Sergey Tetyukhin and his attempts to win a gold at the Olympic Games

14:23 CET – Canadian national team players got stuck in the elevetor. We hope they will arrive on time…

Canada's players

Canada’s players

13:17 CET – These ladies are going to be very dangerous servers at the Olympic GAmes!

12:04 CET – Have you ever wondered what an Olympian packs in the carry on bag?

10:00 CET – Teammates from Turkish Vakifbank met each other in Brazil. The Brazilian opposite Sheilla Castro and Serbian middle blocker Milena Rašić had a pleasent talk at the Olympic village.

Rašić & Sheilla

Rašić & Sheilla

09:11 CET – Chinese girls will wear new jerseys during the Olympic Games in Rio. Do you like the new design?

THURSDAY (28/07) 

20:30 CET – Poland will play against Sada Cruzeiro!

19:15 CET – GREATEST OLYMPIC FINALS: Orange dream and Italian curse (VIDEO)   

18:15 CET – Bernardo Rezende – “France is the top favorite to win the gold”

16:05 CET – We created the list of the most dangerous male servers at the Olympic Games!

15:00 CET – Tetyukhin becomes Russia’s Olympic flag-bearer. It’s a huge honor for legendary volleyball player.

13:13 CET – The U.S. national team are definitely ready for the Olympic Games. As you can see on this photo, they sent strong message to the rivals. “Watch out, we are coming”

U.S. players

U.S. players

12:47 CET – Cuban national team have arrived in Rio two days ago! Javier Ernesto Jimenez Scull has posted a photo on Instagram. Recall that Cubans had a lot of difficulties while trying to complete the roster.



11:39 CET – Goncharova counts only on gold…Do you think that they are able to do it?

11:02 CET – French players are having a lot of fun before the start of the Olympic Games. They are practicing basketball. So, Tony, play good or Grebennikov will replace you.

09:00 CET – Yesterday Italy checked in the Olympic Village

Italy in Rio

Italy in Rio

Italy in Rio

Italy in Rio


23:02 CET – Velasco has commented on the upcoming Olympic Games, saying that his team has advantage over the favorites

22:15 CET – While preparing for the most important tournament this year, Bruno Rezende, Lucas Saatkamp and Felipe Fonteles have made a commercial for famous “Nivea” company.



21:37 CET – It’s going to be Sergey Tetyukhin’s last Olympic Games.

19:15 CET – These volleyball players will be playing as captains at the Olympic Games in Rio!

15:51 CET – We will see the best volleyball players in both competitions in Rio, but some top players will not be there

15:00 CET – Did you know that Karch Charles Kiraly was the MVP of the Olympic Games in 1988? Yes, he was a player of USA and in that time he was one of the best players of his country. Below is the game between USA and Soviet Union, you should watch it definitely.

14:45 CET – When you play at the Olympic Games it’s not alway a goal to participate only, but also to win a medal. Italy NT opposite Zaytsev knows it and sends encouraging words to the nation.

13:39 CET – Russia Women’s National Team was accompanied to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro from the highest possible level in the country. Natalia Goncharova, Tatyana Kosheleva & Co. met with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in Kremlin, Moscow, his official residence. Russian volleyball delegation will leave for Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, July 28.



12:38 CET – BBC has released one of the most interesting Rio Olympics trailers, check it out…

12:10 CET – Head coach of the women’s Serbian volleyball team Zoran Terzic is satisfied with the cooperation  with the Brazilian Volleyball Federation 

10:00 CET – Serbian opposite Jovana Brakocevic Canzian made a very emotional video before she went to Brazil  

TUESDAY (07/26)

20:30 CET – The head coach of the Serbian national team Nikola Grbic talks about the qualification system for the Olympic Games…

18:00 CET – We will travel through the time again! In 1984, at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams managed to reach finals!

Men’s team, led by coach Beal, defeated Brazil in the final 3-0! These players were representing U.S. team:

Berzins, Buck, Duwelius, Dvorak, Kiraly, Marlowe, Powers, Salmons, Saunders, Sunderland, Timmons and Waldie. Coach: Beal.

But, U.S. girls didn’t manage to win the gold as China beat them in the final, 3-0! The current head coach of China’s women’s national team Lang Ping was a part of this historical success.

Zhang Rongfang (C), Hou Yuzhu, Yang Xiaojun, Yang Xilan, Zhu Ling, Zheng Meizhu, Su Huijuan, Lang Ping, Li Yanjun, Zhou Xiaolan, Liang Yan and Jiang Ying. Coach: Yuan Weimin.

Below is a part of the atmoshpere during the final game:

16:57 CET – By announcing 12-man squad, Russia NT coach Alekno completes all Olympic Games rosters both in Men’s and Women’s competition.

14:28 CET – Despite the fact that the IOC allowed Russia Olympic Team to participate at the Olympics, it doesn’t mean that individual doping cases (previous and current) won’t be sanctioned – Russia Men’s Volleyball NT receiver Markin was forbidden to play in Rio!

13:32 CET – Did Italy National Team head coach Bonitta cause a quarrel between Diouf and Gennari with the last-minute change of roster?

09:55 CET – Tetyukhin might be Russia’s flag-bearer in Rio! He says – “It would be an honor”

MONDAY (07/25)

23:49 CET – Russia NT setter Butko speaks bluntly about doping in volleyball and, generally, in sports,

20:57 CET – This is the venue where the competition in beach volleyball will be held in Rio (more photos inside the article). Is this the most spectacular beach volleyball arena that you have ever seen?



18:02 CET – The last remained roster for the Olympics in Women’s competition was announced – Serbia Women’s National Team.

17:51 CET – This is the first battle for the Olympic gold medal in women’s volleyball! At the Olympic Games in Tokyo (1964) Japan beat Soviet Union 3-0! 

The head coach of Japanese women’s volleyball national team was Hirofumi Daimatsu, who created training methods and tactics that have survived to this day. The training sessions of the Japanese girls were very hard, they were practicing every day until the start of the Olympic games. During the whole tournament, they lost only one set, against Poland 15-13…

The triumph of the women’s Japanese team was watched by the 80% of the country on TV…

17:20 CET – Lets travel through the time again. In 1980, Soviet Union defeated Bulgaria in the women’s final 3-1 (15-12, 11-15, 15-13, 15-7) to take the gold medal. 

Watch a part of this game:

16:15 CET – Russia head coach Yuri Marichev announced the final roster for the Olympic Games 2016!

15:30 CET – Thaisa has new tattoo for the Olympic Games.

14:20 CET – Polish volleyball team for the ninth time will take part in the Olympic Games and so far they won one gold medal 1976. Coach Antiga believes that his team can win an Olympic medal.

12:00 CET – Sergey Tetyukhin – “If needed, we are ready to take doping tests every day!”

11:00 CET – Lukas Kampa is deeply disspointed with the decision of the IOC to let Russia play at the Olympic Games 2016.

09:40 CET – Earvin Ngapeth is coming to Rio with some serious football skills (VIDEO)

SUNDAY (07/24)

18:52 CET – Kosheleva will be ready for Rio Olympics!

16:17 CET – Both Russia Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Team will participate in Rio as International Olympic Committee did not give blanket ban to all Russian athletes.

16:00 CET – Let’s travel through the time for a while! Our fan on Twitter (@endiagonalcorta) has sent to us an interesting video! In the men’s final of the Olympic Games (1988), USA met Soviet Union! The Americans beat the rival in four sets and won the gold medal.

It is interesting that current head coach of the U.S. women’s national team played in this match. He even receieved a yellow card. 

Here are the line-ups for this match: 

USA: Troy Tanner, Dave Saunders, Jon Root, Bob Ctvrtlik, Douglas Partie, Steve Timmons, Craig Buck, Scott Fortune, Ricci Luyties, Jeff Stork, Eric Sato, Karch Kiraly.

Soviet Union: Yuriy Panchenko, Andrei Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Zaytsev, Igor Runov, Vladimir Shkurikhin, Evgeni Krasilnikov, Raimonds Vilde, Valeri Losev, Yuri Sapega, Oleksandr Sokoralet, Yaroslav Antonov, Yuri Cherednik.

The team that won the bronze medal was Argentina. We have to post their squad as well, there are so many legends:

Argentina: Claudio Zulianello, Daniel Castellani, Esteban Martinez, Javier Weber, Hugo Conte, Raul Quiroga, Jon Uriarte, Alejandro Diz, Daniel Colla, Waldo Kantor, Esteban de Palma, Juan Cuminetti

Watch the game between USA and Soviet UNION:

15:03 CET – Diouf is angry with head coach Bonitta because of the way he informed her on being cut from Rio Olympics roster and sends strong message to all those who were insulting her.

14:34 CET – The head coach of the women’s Italian national team Marco Bonitta informed Valentina Diouf via SMS that she won’t play at the Olympic Games:

“Good morning. Unfortunately, I’m writing to inform you that you are not part of the group anymore.” 

Valentina received SMS early in the morning (at 8:30), in a moment when she was preparing to travel to Rome, then to Brazil… Is this a fair move by Bonitta?



13:51 CET – Tatyana Kosheleva, one of the best players in the world and also in Russia Women’s National Team, stated that her country is part of world sporting conspiracy.



13:29 CET – Russia are the reigning champions in men’s competition, while Brazil hold the trophy in women’s category!

11:36 CET – At the first Olympic men’s volleyball tournament in 1964, Soviet Union won golden medal, while Czechoslovakia got silver and Japan bronze! At the women’s tournament, Japan was the team that took the gold trophy, while Soviet Union got the silver. Polish girls received bronze medals

10:15 CET – International Olympic Committee will have to make their decision about Russian athletes, probably today…

09:50 CET – Let’s talk about the history while waiting for the important decisions. Volleyball became a part of the Olympic Games in 1964!

09:00 CET – It still unknown whether Russia will take part at the Rio Olympics or not…British media announce that all Russian athetes will be banned from the Olympic Games


Here you can find all rosters of the national teams, both women’s and men’s, that will compete at the Olympic Games.

Men’s tournament:

Teams  Rosters  Particpipation Medals Summary

SETTERS: Grankin, Kobzar, Kovalev; OPPOSITES: Bakun, Mikhailov, Poletaev; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Ashchev, A. Volkov, Volvich, Muserskiy; RECEIVERS: D. Volkov, Kliuka, Markin, Tetyukhin, Divis; LIBEROS: Verbov, Ermakov; COACH: Alekno.

Soviet Union (1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1988), Russia (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016) Soviet Union 6 (3-2-1), Russia 4 (1-1-2) 
USA SETTERS: Christenson, K. Shoji; OPPOSITE: Troy; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Holt, Lee, Smith; RECEIVERS: Anderson, Sander, Russell, Jaeschke, Priddy; LIBERO: E. Shoji, Watten; COACH: Speraw. 1964, 1968, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 4 medals (3-0-1)

SETTERS: Rezende, Arjona; OPPOSITES: Wallace, Guerra; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: M. Souza, Saatkamp, Eder, Isac; RECEIVERS: Lucarelli, Fonteles, Borges, Souza, Murilo ; LIBERO: Sergio, Tiago; COACH: B. Rezende.

1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 4 (2-2-0)

SETTERS: Toniutti, Pujol; OPPOSITES: Rouzier, Rossard; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Le Goff, Lafitte, Le Roux; RECEIVERS: Ngapeth, Marechal, Tillie, Clevenot; LIBEROS: Grebennikov; COACH: Tillie.

1988, 1992, 2004, 2016  

SETTERS: Giannelli, Sottile; OPPOSITES: Zaytsev, Vettori; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Buti, Birarelli, Piano; RECEIVERS: Juantorena; Lanza, Antonov, Rossini; LIBERO: Colaci; COACH: Blengini.

1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 5 (0-2-3)

SETTERS: Drzyzga, Lomacz; OPPOSITES: Kurek, Konarski; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Nowakowski, Klos, Bieniek, Mozdzonek; RECEIVERS: Bednorz, Buszek, Mika, Kubiak; LIBERO: Zatorski; COACH: Antiga.

1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1996, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 1 (1-0-0)

SETTERS: Marouf, Mahdavi; OPPOSITES: Ghafour, Ghaemi; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Mousavi, Sharifat, Gholami; RECEIVERS: Zarini, Manavinezhad, Mirzajanpour, Mahmoudi, Ebadipour, LIBERO: Marandi; COACH: Lozano.


SETTERS: De Cecco, D. Gonzalez, Uriarte; OPPOSITES: Lima, J. L. Ginzalez; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Sole, Crer, Ramos; RECEIVERS: Conte, Poglajen, Palacios, Bruno, Santucci; LIBERO: A. Gonzalez; COACH: Velasco.

1984, 1988, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2012, 2016 1 (0-0-1)

SETTERS: Blankenau, Sanders; OPPOSITE: Schmitt; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Duff, Vigrass, Vandorrn, Verhoeff; RECEIVERS: Perrin, Hoag, Winters, Marshall; LIBERO: Bann; COACH: Hoag.

1976, 1984, 1992, 2016  

SETTERS: P. Rangel, Perales; OPPOSITES: Vargas, Orellana; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Aguilera, Cordova, Martinez; RECEIVERS: Guerra, Barajas, Ruiz, Quinones; LIBERO: J. Rangel; COACH: Lopez.

1968, 2016  

SETTERS: Goide, Calvo, Gonzalez; OPPOSITES: Jimenez, Rendon, Miranda; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Ferrer, Osoria, Concepcion, Sosa; RECEIVERS: UriarteGavilan, Melgarejo, Cepeda, Rivera; Rojas, Angel; LIBERO: Garcia; COACH: Vives.

1972, 1976, 1980, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2016 1 (0-0-1)

SETTERS: Aboulhassan, Youssif; OPPOSITES: Salah, Kotb, Heikal; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Ma. Abdelmoneim, Ebo, Adel; RECEIVERS: Mo. Abdelmoneim, Youssif, Elhosseini, Naguib; LIBERO: Abdel Aal; COACH: El Shemerly.

1976, 1984, 2000, 2008, 2016  

Women’s tournament:

Teams Rosters Participation Medals Summary
Brazil SETTERS: Dani Lins, Fabiola, Roberta; OPPOSITE: Sheila, Tandara; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Fabiana, Thaisa, Juciely, Adenizia; RECEIVERS: Natalia, Fe Garay, Jaqueline, Gabi; LIBERO: Leia, Brait; COACH: Ze Roberto. 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 4 medals (2 golds – 0 – 2 bronzes 

SETTERS: Thompson, Glass, Lloyd; OPPOSITES: Lowe, Murphy; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Akinradewo, Dietzen, Adams; RECEIVERS: Larson, Hill, Robinson; LIBERO: Banwarth; COACH: Kiraly.

1964, 1968, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 4 (0-3-1) 
Russia SETTERS: Kosyanenko, Vetrova, Startseva, Babeshina; OPPOSITES: Goncharova, Malygina, Malykh; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Zaryazhko, Samoilenko, Fetisova, Lyubushkina; RECEIVERS: Kosheleva, Voronkova, Sherban, Ilchenko; LIBEROS: Malova, Yezhova; COACH: Marichev.   Soviet Union (1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1988), Russia (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016) Soviet Union 6 (4-2-0), Russia 2 (0-2-0)
China SETTERS: Qiuyue Wei, Xia Ding; OPPOSITES: Xiangyu Gong, Fangxu Yang; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Xinyue Yuan, Yunli Xu, Ni Yan, RECEIVERS Changning Zhang, Rouqi Hui, Zhu Ting, Xiaotong Liu; LIBERO: Li Lin; COACH: Lang Ping. 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 5 (2-1-2)
Serbia  SETTERS: Ognjenović, Živković; OPPOSITES: Brakočević, Bošković, Bjelica; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Veljković, Rašić, Stevanović; RECEIVERS: Nikolić, Mihajlović, Malešević, Buša, Malagurski; LIBERO: Popović, Ćebić. COACH: Terzić. 2008, 2012, 2016  
Italy SETTERS: Lo Bianko, Orro; OPPOSITES: Centoni, Ortolani; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Chirichella, Danesi, Guiggi; RECEIVERS: Del Core, Egonu, Diouf, Gennari, Sylla; LIBERO: De Gennaro; COACH: Bonitta. 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016  
Argentina SETTERS: Castiglione, Sagardia; OPPOSITES: Fresco, Boscacci; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Lazcano, Sosa, Busquets; RECEIVERS: Nizetich, Fernandez, Acosta, Martinez, LIBERO: Rizzo; COACH: Orduna. 2016  

SETTERS: Tashiro, Miyashita; OPPOSITES: Sakoda, Nagaoka; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Araki, Shimamura; RECEIVERS: Yamaguchi, Kimura, Sato, Ishii, Nabeya; LIBERO: Zayasu; COACH: Manabe. 

1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 6 (2-2-2)
Netherlands SETTERS: Stoltenborg, Dijkema; OPPOSITE: Sloetjes; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Belien, De Kruijf, Steenbergen; RECEIVERS: Plak, Grothues, Pietersen, Schoot, Buijs; LIBERO: Pilon; COACH: Guidetti. 1992, 1996, 2016  
South Korea  SETTERS: Lee Hyo-Hee, Yeum Hye-Seon; OPPOSITES: Kim Hee-Jin, Hwang Youn-Joo; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Yang Hyo-Jin, Kim Su-Ji, Bae Yoo-Na; RECEIVERS: Kim Yeon-Koung, Lee Jae-Yeong, Park Jeong-Ah, Nam Jie-Youn; LIBERO: Kim Hae-Ran; COACH: Jung-Chul. 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1984, 1988, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2012, 2016 1 (0-0-1)
Puerto Rico SETTERS: Mojica, Valentin; OPPOSITE: Ocasio; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Oquendo, Morales, Reyes; RECEIVERS: Cruz, Enright, Santana, Rosa; LIBEROS: Seilhamer, Venegas; COACH: Guadaloupe. 2016  
Cameroon  SETTERS: Koulla, Guigolo; OPPOSITE: Nana; MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Mogoung, Mbeza, Zessi, Ntame; Receivers: Fawziya; Essissima, Bossoko, Bikatal; LIBERO: Nasser; COACH: Akono. 2016  


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Damien July 24, 2016 - 1:16 pm

Brazil’s Men I believe only have two golds not 3

Pipo July 24, 2016 - 2:54 pm

What? Via sms??? Embarrassing. How could you? Ok, you made your choice, you are the head coach, but to act like a coward. Unacceptable

whatswrong July 25, 2016 - 3:02 pm

Yep, a phone call could have been more gentle…
But is it really a surprise for Valentina Diouf not to go to Rio?

Axe July 26, 2016 - 9:38 am

@Pipo The only right question Valentina should ask him (and not via SMS) would be: what should I do better next time to be invluded in the team? Anyway, the coach will not be on this position after Rio…

Marty July 26, 2016 - 12:03 pm

Diouf deserves to play in Rio. See how Serbia keeps Brakocevic… I had a lot of laughs, watching the videi uf usa-soviets… kiralyy gets emotional every two minutes…

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I didn’t know tha Lang Ping has an Olympic gold. Omg, Grbic is trying to find alibi…

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Photos of Iranian players wearing their cloths for opening ceremony are obviously Photoshop!!!

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Hahah horrible outfits… Polish players definitely should change the training uniforms

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@Piotr To be honest it wouldnt look so bad if they wore only this tshirts with f.ex. dark shorts or conversely. But not this tshirts and shorts together..

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These Cameroonian girls stolen Bolt’s celebration?


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